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Reasons To Invest

Reasons To Invest In Capital Smart City

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If you are looking to invest in real estate property than Capital Smart City investment is the best option. As Capital Smart City is ranked as Asia’s 4th Smart City and Pakistan 1st Smart City. Furthermore, here in this article we have listed a few reasons that make Capital Smart City an incredible place to invest.

Well Reputed & Experienced Developers

When investing in real estate the main concern of any real estate investor is that the project developers and owners are well reputed and renowned. This is because, in Pakistan’s real estate, majority of the real estate investors are afraid of investing their hard earned money. As frauds and scams are very common in the real estate industry.

Capital Smart City Islamabad is one of a kind real estate project that is being developed in the heart of Islamabad. The project is being developed by Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Limited (HRL) and Future Development Holdings (Pvt.) Limited (FDHL) – one of the well renowned and respected real estate companies. Moreover, Habib Rafique (Pvt.) Limited and Future Development Holdings (Pvt.) Limited have collaborated with Surbana Jurong – an internationally renowned, Singapore based consultancy firm.

Prime Location

Another factor that attracts the investors to any real estate project is the prime location of that project. By prime and ideal location it is meant that any area that has significant landmarks in close proximity. such as hospitals, airports, motorways / expressways, commercial areas and educational institutes etc. is considered as a prime and ideal location. It makes the daily life routine easy and simple for you. This is one of ideal reasons to invest in capital smart city.

Capital Smart City Islamabad is one such real estate project that enjoys an ideal and prime location. Capital Smart City investment is ideal because it is located near Thalian Interchange. Means, on Islamabad Lahore Motorway M2 near New Islamabad International Airport.

Also, according to Capital Smart City map, one of the entrances of this housing society links with the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road. Once Rawalpindi Ring Road is constructed, this residential community would offer its citizens a smooth accessibility to the central commercial areas within Rawalpindi.

First Ever Smart City

Capital Smart City Islamabad is one of a kind project that is being developed in the capital city of Islamabad. Many smart cities have been developed around the world such as in London, Singapore, Tokyo etc. Now this trend has been introduced in Pakistan by Habib Rafique (Pvt.) Limited and Future Development Holdings (Pvt.) Limited.

From infrastructure to development every aspect of capital Smart City makes this project highly attractive. Capital Smart City master plan is being developed by Surbana Jurong – the famous consultancy firm, therefore, the Capital Smart City master plan offers modern and contemporary infrastructure along with AI integrated security systems that makes this residential community highly attractive. Moreover, as it is being developed by highly experienced developers therefore, the investment potential is great and is highly recommended by the real estate experts for investment.

Legal & Legitimate

When investing in real estate industry of Pakistan, real estate investors are keen to know whether the housing society they are investing in is legally approved or not. Many scams and frauds happen when people invest their hard earned money into illegal housing societies due to this real estate investors are bit hesitant about investing in real estate industry of Pakistan.

However, Capital Smart City Islamabad is a legally approved housing society. Habib Rafique (Pvt.) Limited (HRL) and Future Development Holdings (Pvt.) Limited (FDHL) have acquired the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). Therefore, investors can easily invest their hard earned money as it is safe and secure investment opportunity with high return of investment potential.

In conclusion, apart from prime location, highly experienced developers and legal approval, Capital Smart City Payment Plan and an attractive installment plan makes this society an incredible place to make a lifetime investment.

Political Uncertainties

Real Estate Outperforms Stocks and Gold during Political Uncertainties in Pakistan

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Uncertainties have become the fact of investor’s life, so amplified market volatilities along with subpar financial instrument’s performance have led investors to search for alternative assets that do not belong to the traditional asset class of stocks and bonds, have differing features and lower or no correlations with traditional assets, so that they can generate more diversification benefits for a portfolio.

Real assets; the tangible assets that provide possession of the store of value, like precious metals and real estate etc. Initially attracted institutional investors, but fluctuations in financial markets, economic conditions and political uncertainties have compelled individual investors as well to consider these as an alternative investment option. Since last decade, institutional investors have enjoyed greater returns from real assets than traditional investments, because these are found to behave differently than traditional assets in varying economic and market conditions, thus individual investors could also cope with surprises through incorporation of some real assets in their portfolio.

Despite increasing popularity of alternative investments among investors of developed nations like UK and US, investors in emerging economies like Pakistan who face uncertainties more frequently, are still unaware of the diversification benefits of such assets.

Political Instability of Pakistan

Uncertainties surround all economies, and same is the case with Pakistan. Its long history provides evidence of various uncertainties hitting it severely, including economic and political uncertainties among the dominating ones that significantly influence the investment behaviours in Pakistan.

Pakistan is one of the most politically unstable countries in the world, ranked 189th among 195 countries at a global ranking for 1996-2019 by World Bank. Although it is going to be an emerging market through its economic developments during recent years but still unsuccessful to be stable politically.

The following figure indicates that Pakistan’s political stability index is constantly at a negative level since the last decade, hence indicating that Pakistani investors face political uncertainties more frequently.
An overview of Pakistan’s political instability is as follows:

Political Instability of Pakistan

Pakistan’s Political Stability Index and Global Ranking 2019 (-2.5 weak; 2.5 strong)

(Source: The World Bank)

So, there is a dire need to explore some safe investment options for Pakistani investors to cope with market and political uncertainties, and real estate is found to be a safe haven for Pakistani investors.

Real Estate; a Safe Haven in Pakistan

Real estate, as a source of income as well as its appreciation potential, has made it to be considered as a value-added investment. Making more tangible asset investments, like real estate, is an emerging trend among investors now days.

Real estate has become an emerging sector in Pakistan, currently spending USD 5.2 billion in construction hence indicating a significant growth onwards. But current growth patterns are still insufficient to fill the deficiency of required primary living facilities so require further growth in real estate market.

Although recent poor economic policies by government has declined the real GDP and purchasing power of local man due to ever increasing inflation, but still real estate market has potential buyers like businessmen, professionals and Pakistani expatriates. Moreover, a 75 days lock-down due to COVID-19 has also a significant impact on the overall economy of Pakistan, but businesses are also found to be revived after lockdown. Same is the case with real estate market in Pakistan which is gaining momentum in current year (2021) because investments in real estate projects are continuously expanding. So Pakistan’s real estate market has the potential to attract diligent investors.

Performance of Real estate as compared to Stocks and Gold

Graphical representation of the behavior of real estate returns in relation to gold and stock market in Pakistan is as follows:

Behavior of Real Estate, Gold and KSE 100 index

Performance of Real estate as compared to Stocks and Gold

Above graph indicates the behavior of return series of real estate, gold and KSE 100 index in Pakistan for a time span of 2011 to 2019. It is indicated that although real estate returns also indicate fluctuations but gold and KSE 100 index exhibit more volatile behavior as compared to real estate. It is also indicated that in contrast to two other assets, real estate rarely indicates negative returns, hence behaving differently than the two other assets so it could provide diversification benefits.  During an academic research, the behavior of return series of real estate, gold and KSE 100 index are investigated in comparison to the political instability index of Pakistan (2011-2019) to unveil the fact that which of these assets stayed strong against political instability, and it is founded that among these three assets, real estate is the safest one, because KSE 100 index indicates the influence of political instability and gold although does not indicate the influence of political instability but it exhibits relationship with KSE 100 index to some extent, so any factors influencing stock market would also have some influence on gold. These relationships are shown by the following correlation matrix:

Correlation Matrix of Real estate, Gold, KSE100 index and Political Instability of Pakistan

Real estate not only exhibits negative correlation with political instability but also with gold. Stock market indicates that real estate does not move with any of these assets rather it moves in opposite direction. As it is stated that an asset having lower or no correlation with other assets could provide better diversification in portfolios, so real estate qualifies the criteria for being a good diversifier for investment portfolios of Pakistani investors, especially to cope with the risk of political uncertainties.

Hence, it is suggested that Pakistani investors must consider real estate as an alternative investment for diversification purpose because Pakistan’s stock exchange is highly influential for economic and political uncertainties, so Pakistani investors must incorporate real estate in their portfolios because it provides better protection even more than gold.

Ideal investment

ASC Housing Society – An Ideal investment opportunity

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Have you ever pondered why some real estate projects in your community seem to get more press than others? When it comes to purchasing a home in Pakistan, both local and foreign purchasers prefer to invest in housing societies run by recognised developers in order to protect their investment. Short-term investors frequently purchase homes in well-developed developments, whereas long-term investors typically purchase real estate in emerging areas. Regardless of their stage of development, there are a few qualities of successful housing societies that appear to appeal to both purchasers and investors.

To live a life of your dream ASC Nowshera brought you a cutting edge and modern day living style. Phase-II of the ASC Cooperative Housing Society Blossom Enterprises is creating Nowshera, a purportedly Nowshera Cantonment-approved housing society. It’s near Nowshera Railway Station on Kaka Sahib Road in Nowshera Cantonment.

Nowshera’s Army Services Corps (ASC) Housing Society Phase-II will be a model of contemporary architecture with ultra-luxurious amenities. The ASC Colony Phase II Nowshera will be a haven for those who yearn to live in a peaceful and safe setting.


The housing community is near the Nowshera Railway Station on Bypass Road in Nowshera. Because to its excellent location, this addition is close to all public facilities, including schools, universities, hospitals, well-known shopping outlets, and restaurants. ASC Colony is close to all of Nowshera’s upscale neighbourhoods.


The ASC Colony Phase II Nowshera Bypass Road can be reached in a variety of ways:

  • Nowshera Cantonment is the location of this facility.
  • Kaka Sahib Road is the location.
  • G.T. Road is about an 8-minute drive away, while the bypass road is about a 5-minute drive away.
  • Manki Sharif Road is about a 9-minute drive away.
  • Charsadda Road is about a 17-minute drive from Nowshera.
  • Mardan Road N-45 is around a 12-minute drive from Nowshera.

Reasonable Prices of Plots

ASC Cooperative Housing Society Phase-II Nowshera offers inexpensive payment plans with 36 monthly instalments. A deposit of about 25% of the plot price was required to secure the reservation. The 3-year payment plan provides investors with a high level of ease.

A corner, park-facing Main Boulevard, and two open side plots will be subject to a 10% surcharge. In addition, a 5% discount will be applied. On lump-sum payments, a 10% discount is available. The following plots are available for sale in ASC Housing Society Phase-II Nowshera at reasonable prices:

Residential plots of 5 marla are available at Rs. 1,400,000/, 7 marlas are available for Rs. 1,900,00010 Marla are available for Rs. 2,700,000/- while residential plots in 1Kanal and 2 kanal  are available for Rs. 5,000,000/ and 9,000,000 repectively.

Amenities and Features

ASC Cooperative Housing Society Nowshera Phase-II offers all of the latest conveniences and amenities at a low cost. Any modern luxurious society that can be regarded as a comprehensive residential complex includes facilities.

The developers have set aside a considerable portion of the land for the creation of green areas such as parks. Phase-II of the ASC Cooperative Housing Society is the most opulent, featuring all of the latest pleasures and services.

The owners’ first aim was to create a healthy and beautiful lifestyle environment; as a consequence, a large portion of the property has been set aside for the central theme park, where children and the elderly may enjoy their free time without stress. The following are the amenities available in the ASC Cooperative Housing Society Phase-II Nowshera residential area:

  • Prime Location
  • Gated Community
  • Street lights and wide Roads
  • Schools and libraries
  • Health Center
  • Centrally located mosques
  • Community parks in each block
  • Modern Sports complex and Gym
  • Grocery shops
  • Underground Electricity
  • Lush Green Environment
  • Advance Modern Lifestyle

Booking Paperwork Required

Because Sky Marketing values our clients’ confidence and openness, we recommend inquiring about the most recent documentation requirement for booking.  To purchase property in ASC Cooperative Housing Society Phase-II, the following documents are required:

  • For international clients, NICOP requires two passport-size photographs.
  • Two copies of your National Identity Card and two copies of the I.D. card of your nearest relative.


ASC Cooperative Housing Society Nowshera Phase-II  is a home development with a single goal in mind: to give inhabitants with a world-class affluent lifestyle. The superb amenities, affordability, and location of this society are its defining traits. Qazi investments strongly advise that now is the best time to invest in this society.

Tower 21 - Symbol of Charm for Gulberg Lahore

Tower 21 – Symbol of Charm for Gulberg Lahore

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Citi Housing presents majestic and opulently decorated European architectural-influenced homes in Lahore’s most exclusive neighborhood. Tower 21 is the epitome of Victorian-themed flats, with a grand living experience, as well as security and world-class amenities, to provide the best living standards of any residential building.

Luxury Built to Perfection

Tower 21 radiates the attraction of contemporary classic architecture. Extraordinary design features, sophisticated colors, and a strong emphasis on high-end luxury finishes distinguish this project.

A serene location

Tower 21 is in the most desirable and perfect position in Lahore. This project is located on Main Qarshi Road in Gulberg III, Lahore. This place is easily accessible from all sections of Lahore. However, this location is surrounded by lights and contemporary conveniences and is placed in the center of a high-end lifestyle. Gulberg is an unrivaled location in Lahore, both as a place to live and as a place to invest.

Residence Amenities

Open the doors to a plush home that also caters to the needs of today’s families. All of your practical facilities are at your disposal as you live the high life. These features have been designed to keep you well-served and safe at all times.

  • 24/7 concierge service
  • Double height entrance lobby
  • Private direct access elevators
  • Double height club floor
  • Members-only restaurant
  • Business centre
  • Children’s play area
  • Fully equipped Gymnasium
  • Infinity pool
  • Spa
  • Health bar
  • Valet service
  • Dedicated cargo and service lift
  • 24/7 electricity back-up
  • Building management
  • Garbage and Waste management system on every floor
  • BOH entrance in all apartments
  • Stackable mechanical parking
  • Parking space for electric car and charging facility
  • Drivers Lounge
  • Dedicated car wash for residents

Living at Tower-21

Upgrade your living standards and quality of life with the premium Tower 21 apartments, which are created with global ideals in mind. The developers hope to provide residents with a one-of-a-kind and luxury residential experience, as well as a variety of recreational features. Tower 21 is the ideal combination of exquisite design, cutting-edge technology, and the best materials. Each house includes a balcony from which you can take in the breathtaking views. This project offers top-of-the-line apartments in the following options


It’s a place where you can be who you are. With warm-toned lighting and a muted colour palette, our room provides relaxation and lulls you to deep rest. Feel at ease as soon as you walk in, with a Queen bed, a study table, a safe, and soft drapes to shut out the city lights.

Affordable Payment Plan

With all of its sophisticated features, Tower 21 is a great living and investment location. This is a master-planned mixed-use development with high-end residential alternatives. In addition, the location is a good investment opportunity. You can guarantee your present and future by investing here. Tower 21 is located in Gulberg, Lahore, which is a popular living and investment destination. Tower 21 property values, on the other hand, will continue to rise due to its strategic position, smart development, and facilities.

The apartments and houses are all fairly priced. You can reserve your flat with a down payment of a set amount and convenient 2.5-year payments. As the apartment costs vary depending on the floor and location. Tower 21’s payment plan is designed to be simple for both future buyers and investors.

A project of Citi Housing

Gulberg’s Tower 21 CITI Housing’s Lahore project is a well-known name in the Pakistan real estate sector. The developers have a track record of providing high-end products to clients. They do, however, want to offer great living options that raise living standards. Some of the most famous and world-class developments are part of Citi’s housing portfolio. All of their projects are planned and constructed to suit improved living standards. Prior to Tower 21, they have launched a number of successful projects in Pakistan’s major cities. Citi Housing Multan, Citi Housing Gujranwala, Citi Housing Sialkot, Citi Housing Jehlum, Citi Housing Faisalabad, and others are among their developments.

Tower 21 Lahore is a new addition to Citi Housing’s portfolio. This project is the ultimate of elegance, sophistication, and comfort. Developers pay close attention to public issues in order to suit people’s diverse investment, retail, rental, shopping, and residential needs. Everyone is interested in sustainable architecture designs as well as the most recent development ideas. For building and design, the professionals and specialists used innovative concepts and blueprints. Every detail is meticulously prepared with zeal, integrity, and brilliance.

For Booking Process

Tower 21 has a limited number of residential flats available at affordable prices. This location, on the other hand, is great for both investment and lifestyle. This area has a bright future because of its world-class location, global architecture, and seamless connection. Contact the professional staff to reserve your apartment.


This project is founded on sincere efforts and genuine public concerns to give people a unique residential, retail, and recreational experience. Because of its contemporary infrastructure, high-rise values, and enhanced shopping and commercial environment, this project stands out among the others. Their work demonstrates professionalism, hard effort, and honesty; yet, they have received considerable praise for constructing such an iconic and top-class commercial project in Lahore Real Estate that is influenced by worldwide and new trends.

Housing approach for Middle-class family

Kingdom Valley Islamabad – Housing approach for Middle-class family

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Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a residential development project funded by the Prime Minister’s “Naya Pakistan Housing Program.” Kingdom Valley Islamabad provides a magnificent lifestyle by providing world-class amenities for the inhabitants’ peace and comfort. To give a luxurious and worldwide level of lifestyle to its people, the developer is building high-tech infrastructure and well-planned community facilities such as Grand Mosques, Amusement Parks, State-of-the-Art Hospitals and Schools, and specialized health clubs. All of these features were created by renowned architects, designers, and engineers.


Kingdom Valley Islamabad is conveniently placed near the New Islamabad Airport and the M2 Motorway’s Chakri Interchange. Kingdom Valley Islamabad is within a 15-minute drive from Islamabad International Airport.

An Economical Housing Project

There are a variety of residential plots available for booking in this housing project, ranging in size from 3.5 marlas to 1 kanal. These plot sizes make it possible for even low-income people to purchase a home. This housing programme intends to give all income categories in the country with the same amenities and living standards.

Residential plots of 3.5 Marlas in Small Kingdom Valley Islamabad are already sold out. The 5 Marla plots are currently the smallest residential plots available for booking. There are two options for paying for these plots. The first form of payment is to make a complete down payment of 975,000/- PKR at the time of purchase.

The second payment option is to pay a portion of the down payment, 117,000/- PKR, upfront when acquiring the 5 Marla plots, and then pay the remainder over time via an instalment plan. Low-income individuals in Kingdom Valley have the option of paying for their homes in monthly payments. The monthly cost for a 5 Marla plot is just 9000/- PKR. This payment plan is spread out over 3.5 years, with about 40 payments. Aside from the monthly instalment, there are eight bi-annual instalments of 43,500/- PKR to be made.

This programme gives low-income families a sense of stability by allowing them to own their homes with each monthly instalment. Even the country’s poorer classes will benefit from this housing society, which will provide them with a place to call home. The instalment option is preferable for lower-middle-class families since it allows them to move in while still paying for the property, rather than spending money on low-cost rentals and saving up to pay the whole price immediately.

This initiative will also assist future low-income families in becoming financially secure, as future generations will be able to rent out a portion of the property, creating a steady source of income.

Aside from the exceptionally low prices for residential plots, the project’s investment prospects can also help the middle class. At exceptionally modest rates, larger plots of 8 and 10 marlas are also available to book. The 8 Marla residential plot is available for purchase for the full amount of 1,350,000/-PKR or on an instalment basis for 12,000/- PKR per month with a 10% down payment. The 10 Marla Residential land may be purchased for 1,650,000/- PKR or on a monthly payment plan of 15,000/- PKR per month with a 10% down payment.

These plot sizes are ideal for those on a regular housing budget who have a larger family. The 10 Marla residential plots are the ideal investment choice for middle-income people searching for larger houses for their families on a budget. These larger plots may be rented out in the near future, and the profit margins on these properties would be enormous.

Aside from inexpensive accommodation, the organisation provides a variety of amenities to all of its members. The project’s creators want to make all of the top-notch amenities offered to upper-class groups in popular gated communities available to lower-class groups as well.

These amenities will include:

 1) Access to the big masjid of the housing society

2) Water, power, and gas are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to all of the blocks.

3) Free high-speed Wi-Fi access

4) Universities and hospitals with a high standard of excellence

5) Densely populated business areas and opulent entertainment venues.

The Bottom Line

The Prime Minister hopes that by launching this initiative, he would be able to close the gap between the upper-middle and lower-middle-income groups in the country, with the upper-income groups having access to more amenities and housing than the lower-income groups.

revolutionize the way of living?

How Hawks Melbourne City will revolutionize the way of living?

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In practically every element of social life, Pakistan offers an astounding variety of possibilities. Cultural, linguistic, regional, economic, religious, class, and caste divisions all intersect in Pakistani society, which is riven with vast variances and disparities. Rapidly occurring changes are touching a range of places and socioeconomic classes in various ways, adding more variation to current Pakistani culture. Despite the intricacies of Pakistani society, widely accepted cultural issues help to maintain societal stability and order. Pakistan is only one of several countries dealing with these serious problems, and it isn’t alone in looking for solutions. For centuries, the people of Pakistan have shown strength in generating manageable order from sophistication, bringing together widely disparate groups in organized attempts to gain the broader society, encouraging harmony among individuals with divergent interests, understanding that close relatives and friends can rely on one another, allocating different jobs to people with different skills, and trying to do what is right in the eyes of the celestial and the human. For these reasons, there are many housing societies and colonies in Pakistan’s capital city, Islamabad, where people may live with their families, demonstrating the country’s togetherness.

Melbourne in Pakistan

From 1907 until 1927, Melbourne served as Australia’s capital. All across the world, the city of the garden is well-known. It has been named as one of the world’s top three most livable cities since 2002. Apart from that, it is recognised as the sporting centre of the globe. Graffiti, laneways, superb coffee, and cultural diversity are also well-known in Melbourne. We vow to build an exact duplicate of Melbourne for the people of Pakistan, including naming our block after its suburbs.

Hawks Melbourne Islamabad

Hawks Melbourne Islamabad is the first housing community in Pakistan to be created in the style of Melbourne, Australia. This project is presently being considered as the nature of what the near future is quite likely to give, according to the remarkable theme infrastructure. Hawks Melbourne Islamabad is currently offering inexpensive prices, and plots may be assigned numbers. It is close to Rawat City on Chakbeli Road. It will be simple to travel to from Ring Road in the next years, thanks to the proposed interchanges N-five radio station and Losar Mor. On Chakbeli Road, the society is getting closer to the DHA section III development.

It’s a Black Hawk Builders project that will be constructed in an outstanding and extraordinary manner. It’s located on Chakbeli Road and provides the ideal environment for living, conducting business, or investing for the highest future returns. There are a variety of sizes of residential and business plots available for booking, so you may select the one that best suits your needs.

Due to its international development infrastructure policy, the need and necessity for Hawks Melbourne Islamabad has grown day by day. It’s becoming a popular place to live and invest for both domestic and international investors. With all of the facilities and a simple payment plan, it’s becoming a popular choice among people.

What hawks Melbourne city offer

Imax Cinemas

Hawks Melbourne’s IMAX Cinemas will be a paragon of luxury and entertainment, with IMAX and 3D technology delivering an unrivalled film experience.

Commercial Walk

 Commercial zones, which contain some of the most well-known retail brands, will satisfy all of your needs while also delivering a pleasant and quick shopping experience.

Zoos and parks

Zoos, parks, and other pleasant activities are all part of the society’s mission to give components of enjoyment for people of all ages.

Club and community centers

Residents will be able to participate in a range of indoor and outdoor activities, such as bowling, swimming pools, snooker, cricket, tennis, and golf, at the society’s club and community center.


 In the civilization, a massive, specially constructed hospital will be established to handle health-related difficulties with current equipment and technology.

Incorporation of the finest in schools

Schools and educational institutions will be built in the community to offer the best curriculum in a close vicinity to the residential blocks, ensuring that they are conveniently accessible and within walking distance.


To maintain the religious values and significance of majestic mosques, this remarkable house design will feature a mosque.

Gated Community

Hawks Melbourne is a gated community. Islamabad is a fully secured and safe community with a boundary wall that surrounds the project on all sides. The surrounding hawks Melbourne societies are not totally covered, and this community has even barred the side closest to the national forest region.

24/7 Electricity, Gas and Water

Hawks Melbourne prioritizes the availability of power, water, and gas, which will be provided to all sectors of the society 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Hawks Melbourne is superior to the other communities in the region because it is naturally endowed with natural resources, the most important of which is the availability of subterranean water.

Load Shedding-Free Zone

The construction of the water dam will also contain an electric power plant, assuring an abundant supply of electricity, in order to eliminate load shedding in the society.

Underground Electricity Supply

 To control power outages, every electric work in society is planned underground. Underground cables are significantly safer and provide for a more appealing social element.

24hrs Safety

Surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: Society takes the security of its citizens extremely seriously and has a network of CCTV cameras deployed across the city.

Contemporary Infrastructure and Exquisite Housing Layout

 Taking use of Hawks Melbourne’s rich green natural surrounds, this project promises to be a milestone in the making, with high-rise structures, modern infrastructure, and an elegant housing plan.


The whole picture of society is breathtaking, and Hawks Melbourne will be one of Rawalpindi’s greatest social orders following its successful implementation. All things considered, Hawks Melbourne looks to be a promising investment prospect for both investors and residents.

Solid Reasons To invest Real Estate

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Real estate investing isn’t only for the wealthy and famous. Even if you just have a tiny down payment, anyone can accomplish it. Anyone may benefit from the real estate if they do their homework and prepare properly.

If you’re already engaged in the stock market or other high-risk assets but want to diversify, real estate is a terrific place to start. If you put some money in stocks and the rest in real estate, you’ll be less affected if one of the industries collapses. If you invest all of your money in the stock market, for example, and it falls as it has in the past, you may lose everything. However, if you have money invested in real estate, you may not lose everything and may even be able to offset capital gains and losses.

Real estate is a wonderful place to start if you haven’t invented it yet. You may even ‘house hack,’ purchasing a multi-unit home and living in one unit while renting out the others. This enables anybody, including novices, to begin investing in real estate.

The majority of investments do not generate cash flow. You put your money into an asset and don’t touch it until you sell it, such as stocks. When you invest in buy-and-hold real estate and have tenants paying rent, you generate monthly cash flow. Your cash flow is the difference between the amount collected and your costs. You may use it to pay your monthly payments, put money down for the future, or even build a larger real estate portfolio.

There are several solid reasons to invest in Real Estate as follows:

1. It’s a Physical Asset

When you invest in intangible assets like stocks or bonds, all you have is a piece of paper to show for your money. You are not the owner of anything. Your piece of paper might be worth close to nothing if the stock market falls.

You have a physical asset if you invest in real estate. Values may rise and fall over time, and there’s no assurance that they won’t, but actual goods are worth something. If you need to get out of the venture, you still have a piece of property to sell.

It takes a bit longer to sell a tangible item since you need to work out an agreement with a buyer and go over all the legalities. Even so, if everything goes according to plan, you’ll walk away with your initial investment and maybe a financial gain.

2 .Property Values Typically Appreciate

If you invest in a property for a long time, it is likely to rise in value. Things like the housing crisis of 2008 do happen, but they aren’t common. Buildings and land usually rise in value, making your investment worth more than you paid for it.

You might also make the property appreciate by upgrading or enhancing it. You may enhance the value of a home quicker than natural appreciation happens, providing you a higher return on your investment, whether you buy an inexpensive property and fix it up to sell it or renovate a rental property.

3. You Have the Ability to Leverage Your Assets

You can use the equity you build up as you pay down your mortgage debt and/or improve the home to boost its worth to expand your assets. The difference between the value of your house and the amount you owe on your mortgage is your equity. Any difference is profit for you.

You won’t be able to use all of the equity if you maintain the house, but you could be able to take out up to 80% of the value and use the rest to invest in new real estate. This is an excellent method to expand your portfolio without having to wait until you have enough money saved for a 20% to 30% down payment on a new property.

4. Cash Flow from Real Estate4 Cash Flow from Real Estate

You may rent out a buy-and-hold home and receive monthly cash flow if you invest in it. The majority of investments do not generate cash flow. They may, at the absolute least, pay dividends, but you only get them quarterly or seldom annually.

Real estate may be a passive investment depending on how you maintain your property. If you acquire your investment property through a network like Roofstock Marketplace, they may connect you with a property management firm. If you’re looking to invest in long-distance real estate, this is crucial. This means you won’t have to put in a lot of effort while still reaping the benefits of monthly passive income and capital gains when you sell the home.

5. You Might Be Eligible for Tax Breaks

When you reside in investment real estate, you get relatively few tax deductions. Because most homeowners do not itemize their deductions, they are unable to benefit from real estate savings. You may only deduct your property taxes and mortgage interest if you itemize.

You own a business rather than just an investment when you acquire and hold real estate and rent it out. Many deductions are available to you through the IRS, just as they would be if you ran a physical store.

Any costs you expend to maintain the property, manage business, or even conduct business (such as purchasing a laptop or going to the property) can be deducted from your taxes. This lowers your tax bill while increasing your earnings.

6. It’s a Fantastic Retirement Savings Strategy

It is not liquid to invest in real estate. You make a long-term investment in it. As time goes on, you accumulate more equity in your property. When you reach or approach retirement, you can sell the property and utilise the proceeds to fund your retirement.

It’s been dubbed a “forced retirement scheme” by others. You don’t have a 401K or an IRA, but you do pay your mortgage every month. If you rent the home out, your rent should cover the rent as well as any other expenditures, allowing you to save for retirement without having to contribute money each month.

7 .There are several options available to you.

Real estate can be purchased in a variety of ways. Many people acquire and keep real estate because it generates a steady monthly income and allows them to save for their future aspirations. Roofstock Marketplace, for example, provides you with all of the information you need to choose a property, including financial information.

You may like mending and flipping if you are a fixer-upper sort of person. Finding undervalued homes, rehabilitating them, and selling them is all part of this process. This normally occurs within six months, therefore there aren’t many carrying costs. Then you may go back and buy another home, repeating the process as needed until you meet your profits objective.

Final thoughts

Now is an excellent moment to invest in real estate if you haven’t already. There are several chances for investors to purchase a home and provide rentals to the neighbourhood. Millions of individuals are resorting to rentals as the globe picks up the pieces after the epidemic, either because they can no longer pay their mortgage or because they’ve picked up and gone to a new state for a fresh start.

The Suburb or City Where to live

The Suburb or City? Where to live?

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A city is a sizable, densely inhabited place that acts as the local center for markets, banking, and other economic activities. Many individuals would rather live outside of the city since it is so congested and hectic, even though they must travel there daily whereas a suburb is an unincorporated section of a city that is used for habitation. People may commute from the suburb to the city because suburbs are only a short drive away. The major distinction between a city and a suburb is that the latter has a lower population density than the former.
Here are some plus points of both city and suburbs by which you can easily comprehend the importance of both.

Suburbs are better because it is:


Families are able to save more money each year by deciding to live in the suburbs as compared to a metropolis. It was shown that city-dwelling families in the Pakistan typically pay at least 100,000 Rs more year (in many cases, the amount is substantially greater) only on the expenditures of basic housing. The cost of homes is considerably lower in the suburbs. Not to mention that they are often larger than available real estate in any city. Therefore, suburban living frequently provides a better value for money, especially for millennials.


Living in the suburbs gives you an extra 300 square feet of living area on average. If you had an extra 300 square feet of space, what would you do with it? Building a guest room or an office desk at home? There are countless options. However, more significant than aesthetics is the fact that these additional feet give the impression of room. This is important because living in cramped quarters, like in New York, where micro apartments are more common, can have a bad effect on your mental health and how you nurture your kids. There is also the added worry that living in a large metropolis, especially during a pandemic, might negatively impact your physical health due to the lack of space for social isolation and the excess of stress, noise, and dirty air.


We tend to link crime more closely with metropolitan regions than we do with suburban ones. You may blame TV shows like The Wire or eye-catching news headlines, not to mention high-profile examples of police brutality in cities. Our concerns are confirmed by FBI statistics and data from the National Center for Victims of Crime. These sources indicate that big cities have greater rates of property crime, residential burglaries, larceny, and violent crime than neighboring suburban regions. Crime-wise, suburban living may sometimes be safer.

Big City Life is better because it is:

Cultural Diversity

People from far-flung regions have been migrating to cities throughout the past few centuries in search of better prospects. Since the city provided them with greater and more varied employment opportunities than the countryside, many immigrants chose to live there.

Only 12 cities had more than a million residents in 1900. More than half of the world’s population now resides in urban areas. Cities have expanded significantly, bringing new cultures and social variety with them. Even today, many cities throughout the globe have neighborhoods named after early pioneers, such as Chinatown, Little Italy, Little India, etc. This “melting pot” effect gives us access to experiences like trying delicacies from many cultures, meeting new people from various backgrounds, viewing works of art from across the world, and gaining exposure to various civilizations that we wouldn’t otherwise have without boarding a plane.


Families need at least one automobile to live in the suburbs. For transportation, children and teenagers who don’t yet possess a driver’s license or access to a car are entirely dependent on their parents. Growing up in the suburbs places a significant emphasis on using private transportation, whether it is for getting to school, participating in after-school activities, or simply going shopping. Not to mention the travel time or distance from your house to your destination in traffic and let’s not overlook the monthly expenses for gasoline and auto insurance. In comparison, it is simpler and less expensive to commute within cities. City life offers greater mobility and independence thanks to readily available public transit. In practically every European city, there are underground subways and above-ground trains, trams, and light-rail systems in service. In actuality, public transit is a major component of city planning. While trains and metros are not subject to traffic, buses have designated lanes.

This makes commuting times shorter. Additionally, taking public transit has the added advantage of allowing users to quickly and conveniently explore new parts of their city that they might otherwise miss if driving. A lot more to do It goes without saying that metropolitan regions get more tourists than suburban ones. Businesses and attractions, such as restaurants, parks, stores, and nightlife, are seized by tourists. As a result, urban life may provide a broader range of leisure, educational, and cultural alternatives than suburban living. There are several public activities that are frequently free or reasonably priced for city inhabitants in addition to the museums, public galleries, and educational facilities that may be found in cities. In addition to having access to resources for learning about art, culture, and history, city people also enjoy public transit that makes a variety of cultural experiences accessible.

Saving money by relocating to the suburbs might give you access to more real estate and potentially a safer neighborhood. Living in a city, however, exposes you to many cultures and forms of entertainment that are simpler to reach via public transit.

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