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February 19, 2021

Best available Real Estate Investment options in Pakistan

Pakistan’s Real Estate sector is growing day by day. The construction industry faced significant challenges because of COVID-19, but the construction industry, on the other hand, played a vital role. The construction industry is considered the backbone of the economy of Pakistan. The real estate sector has been announced by PM Imran Khan as an industry that will direct the nation tomorrow for the better. Pakistan’s real estate sector is currently thriving. Perhaps the reason for this is that the incumbent government has finally accepted the country’s real estate sector as a main financial and macroeconomic indicator. The government has recently implemented a series of real estate reforms packaged with tax incentives that have powered the sector’s tremendous growth. Some analysts believe that the single largest macroeconomic measure of the economy is real estate. According to the region’s macro-economic and real estate experts, the exponential growth and changes in the real estate sector would help to account for the accurate calculation of the number of real estate transactions. These new investors are entering Pakistan’s real estate market at this time because of their trust in the current regime and the fact that transactions in real estate are now more open than in the past. The country’s financial experts label this influx of new investors a big milestone for Pakistan’s long-stagnated real estate market and are optimistic that with this much-anticipated inclusion, the sector can cross new thresholds. The introduction of technology has turned the real estate industry into an intellectual sector. This used to be an investment-heavy entity before, but anyone can become a real estate investor with the least amount of investment with the advent of technology and new-age real estate plans. One thing we should all learn from veteran real estate professionals, however, is to be vigilant and never stop diversifying our investments.  


The global economy is massively hit by the ongoing pandemic, Covid-19. Surprisingly, this pandemic has turned out to be a blessing for Pakistan’s Real Estate Industry. The Real Estate and Construction Industry has been in the limelight after the Government showed these industries as its major focus to revive the economy. In the current situation, it has become essential to identify suitable projects for lucrative investments. In general, the Real Estate Industry is going to see at least a boom in the coming years. Here are the general guidelines that enable you to understand the best available options in Pakistan according to the current situation, you can invest in following Projects:

  • Grand City Kharian
  • Al-Noor Orchard
  • Park View City Islamabad
  • Capital Smart City
  • Lahore Smart City
  • Zaamin City
Best Available Real Estate options in Pakistan


  • The good thing about private housing societies is that you can book plots in installments. This enables a large segment of society to take part in the real estate investment sector. As a smart investor, you need to make sure that you will have enough funds to spare for the installments after you make the down payment.
  • Starting with real estate investments is to determine the kind of locality you are going to opt for. The belt of land running from Chakri Interchange towards Sangjani Toll Plaza is one of the most in-demand areas. Some of the best housing societies in the area to consider for investment are Capital Smart City MIVIDA Islamabad, and Blue World City. If you have a substantial budget for a very good location, then you should consider going to the housing societies located in Zone IV of Islamabad.
  • To invest smartly in real estate is to diversify your investment. As a real estate investor, the diversity of your real estate portfolio should be your strength. These are only some of the basics of real estate diversity. For example, if you buy a plot in  Smart City Lahore then you can diversify your investment by going for a few residential properties combined with a commercial plot option. Similarly, if you are investing in  Islamabad’s Capital Smart City<, then you should also consider pooling some money in Blue World City or the  Park View City of Islamabad . The diversity of your real estate portfolio should be your asset as a real estate investor.
  • The final tip is to ensure that you are investing in a credible real estate project that is commissioned after completing legal obligations. If you are looking to invest in Islamabad, then you should preferably go for a housing society or a real estate project that has a NOC from either CDA or  RDA . Or at the time of pre-launch, if you have an opportunity to invest, you can examine the developer’s credibility and the number of projects they are already doing and producing. When making a real estate purchase, taking these two tips into account will help you to steer away from any form of miscommitment or fraud.


The main categories of Real Estate in Pakistan:

  • Residential Real Estate
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Industrial Real Estate
  • Agricultural land


Residential properties also known as residential real estate are the most popular types of real estate properties in Pakistan. For an average Pakistani, homeownership is hands-down, the most important and biggest investment of their lives. Besides being an asset and financial stability, homeownership in Pakistan can also be a liability.

Residential Real Estate


Commercial properties are the second most common form of real estate property in Pakistan. Commercial land typically refers to units that are limited to the activities of a business. Basically, any commodity that is used to produce sales falls under the group of commercial assets.

Commercial Real Estate


Industrial real estate is used primarily for producing, manufacturing, packing, or storing goods for the consumer market. Industrial properties can also be used for research purposes and the distribution of goods. Industries are usually known as a subdivision of commercial real estate.

Industrial Properties


Real estate is much more than just a piece of vacant land or property. Agricultural lands are more or less a subdivision of commercial properties, but the concept of agricultural properties in legal books is different. Agriculture properties are usually found in rural areas of Pakistan. Agricultural properties are used to produce crops or plants and raise cattle. The biggest perk of owning an agricultural property is that it can be bought, sold, or rented. 

Agricultural land


These are some of the variables that you should remember for the first time in real estate when investing your way smartly. Qazi Investments is Pakistan’s premium real estate agency that offers free consulting services for real estate as well as on-site bookings for some of the great real estate projects. Contact Qazi Investments that is a real estate investment the experts will get in touch with you to help you get your investments right.

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