Kingdom Valley Islamabad – Housing approach for Middle-class family

Housing approach for Middle-class family
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Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a residential development project funded by the Prime Minister’s “Naya Pakistan Housing Program.” Kingdom Valley Islamabad provides a magnificent lifestyle by providing world-class amenities for the inhabitants’ peace and comfort. To give a luxurious and worldwide level of lifestyle to its people, the developer is building high-tech infrastructure and well-planned community facilities such as Grand Mosques, Amusement Parks, State-of-the-Art Hospitals and Schools, and specialized health clubs. All of these features were created by renowned architects, designers, and engineers.


Kingdom Valley Islamabad is conveniently placed near the New Islamabad Airport and the M2 Motorway’s Chakri Interchange. Kingdom Valley Islamabad is within a 15-minute drive from Islamabad International Airport.

An Economical Housing Project

There are a variety of residential plots available for booking in this housing project, ranging in size from 3.5 marlas to 1 kanal. These plot sizes make it possible for even low-income people to purchase a home. This housing programme intends to give all income categories in the country with the same amenities and living standards.

Residential plots of 3.5 Marlas in Small Kingdom Valley Islamabad are already sold out. The 5 Marla plots are currently the smallest residential plots available for booking. There are two options for paying for these plots. The first form of payment is to make a complete down payment of 975,000/- PKR at the time of purchase.

The second payment option is to pay a portion of the down payment, 117,000/- PKR, upfront when acquiring the 5 Marla plots, and then pay the remainder over time via an instalment plan. Low-income individuals in Kingdom Valley have the option of paying for their homes in monthly payments. The monthly cost for a 5 Marla plot is just 9000/- PKR. This payment plan is spread out over 3.5 years, with about 40 payments. Aside from the monthly instalment, there are eight bi-annual instalments of 43,500/- PKR to be made.

This programme gives low-income families a sense of stability by allowing them to own their homes with each monthly instalment. Even the country’s poorer classes will benefit from this housing society, which will provide them with a place to call home. The instalment option is preferable for lower-middle-class families since it allows them to move in while still paying for the property, rather than spending money on low-cost rentals and saving up to pay the whole price immediately.

This initiative will also assist future low-income families in becoming financially secure, as future generations will be able to rent out a portion of the property, creating a steady source of income.

Aside from the exceptionally low prices for residential plots, the project’s investment prospects can also help the middle class. At exceptionally modest rates, larger plots of 8 and 10 marlas are also available to book. The 8 Marla residential plot is available for purchase for the full amount of 1,350,000/-PKR or on an instalment basis for 12,000/- PKR per month with a 10% down payment. The 10 Marla Residential land may be purchased for 1,650,000/- PKR or on a monthly payment plan of 15,000/- PKR per month with a 10% down payment.

These plot sizes are ideal for those on a regular housing budget who have a larger family. The 10 Marla residential plots are the ideal investment choice for middle-income people searching for larger houses for their families on a budget. These larger plots may be rented out in the near future, and the profit margins on these properties would be enormous.

Aside from inexpensive accommodation, the organisation provides a variety of amenities to all of its members. The project’s creators want to make all of the top-notch amenities offered to upper-class groups in popular gated communities available to lower-class groups as well.

These amenities will include:

 1) Access to the big masjid of the housing society

2) Water, power, and gas are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to all of the blocks.

3) Free high-speed Wi-Fi access

4) Universities and hospitals with a high standard of excellence

5) Densely populated business areas and opulent entertainment venues.

The Bottom Line

The Prime Minister hopes that by launching this initiative, he would be able to close the gap between the upper-middle and lower-middle-income groups in the country, with the upper-income groups having access to more amenities and housing than the lower-income groups.

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