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Qazi Investments with experience and vision has successfully delivered a dazzling array of high-quality residential and commercial projects for its valuable clients. It is one of the leading real estate companies in Pakistan offering property projects in Pakistan. If you’re looking for investment opportunities in Pakistan, we’ll give you the exceptional customer service that comes with over 9 years of experience. Our business is built on trust and integrity. This is intrinsic in everything we do and is what gives our clients, colleagues, partners, and investors the confidence to work with us. We frontier the acquisition, sale, and management of different types of property projects in Pakistan. We have been doing property marketing in Pakistan since 2012 and revolutionized the Real Estate Industry, by making it a household name for the Pakistani diaspora throughout the world. We provide easy access to top Property projects in Pakistan. And continuing to build out additional features to best serve all of our clients and provide them everything they need in a single, convenient place.

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In Pakistan’s realtors market, Qazi Investment is a Global market leader. We are proud to offer reliable Real Estate Projects from Pakistan to its potential buyers. In our Short history, we have won the following recognition.


Global Presence

In order to revolutionize the real estate sector, Qazi Investments is aiming to lead the way. Qazi Investments takes pride in the international provision of its services through a team of experts and professionals. Our market structure makes it possible for us to offer a diverse variety of essential services in various countries around the world in the midst of such a competitive environment. We assume that the successful future of business depends only on safeguarding the needs of our customers from the beginning of our journey. Therefore, our diverse real estate portfolio helps us to gain an even better role around the world in the competitive real estate industry. In all regions where our customers are involved, we are present.

United Kingdom

From the United Kingdom, we have begun our journey. Today, with the determination to evolve conventional business practices, we have made ourselves stand apart from the industry. We have an office currently operating in the UK with a goal of preserving the contemporary future of the real estate.


Due to our experience and prominent presence in the UK, we are also present in Pakistan now. Our advisory services are now viable for F 11/1 Al-Safa heights 1 Islamabad

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