The Lahore Smart City will be Pakistan’s 2nd Smart City and will be developed according to International Standards developed for Global Smart Cities infrastructure. A Smart City relies on a digitally connected concept of eco-friendly and sustainable urban development. Lahore Smart City, like Capital Smart City, will include all municipal amenities while guaranteeing the general population a sustainable urban lifestyle. In Lahore Smart City, all the civic infrastructure is based on data. The data is collected via residents, municipal buildings, transportation infrastructure, etc. Lahore Smart City will be built on approximately 20000 + Kanals. Lahore is Punjab’s provincial capital and one of the world’s most populated metropolises.


Lahore Smart City location is on Lahore Bypass which is accessible through GT road and Lahore-Sialkot Motorway. It also has easier access to Lahore Ring Road that will connect the society with the rest of Lahore. It is situated right next to the interchange with Lahore. From GT Lane, Lahore, and also from Lahore-Sialkot Motorway, you can easily enter the housing company. Another accessible route, from Lahore Ring Road, will be open. Lahore Smart City is situated a bit outside the main town of Lahore. Because of the rush and hustle of the area, developers took the initiative to make a housing society a distance from the main Lahore.


Lahore smart city owners include Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited. It supports the development of bright cities that are smart not only in order to provide lavish up-market houses but also to rewards and innovative consulting services to its clientele. FDHL is one of the best professional property development and asset management business organization. Lahore Smart City Islamabad is a joint venture between Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited and Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Limited. Future Developments Holdings (Private) Limited is also known as FDHL. It’s a partner consortium registered under Companies Ordinance 1984. Several national and international firms have joined hands for the emergence of the new world’s leading organization. Habib Rafiq Pvt. Ltd. has a rich 60 years of heritage in the industrial and infrastructure landscape. HRL is acknowledged as developer of various finest development projects in Pakistan. Designs Consultants are key players and responsible for the front face of any project.


Future Developments Holdings (Pvt) Limited is a community association registered under the Companies Ordinance 1984 also known as FDHL Limited. Future Developments Holdings (Pvt) Limited is also known as FDHL. FDHL is an association of China Liaoning International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group Corporation Ltd (CLIC) and Engineering Dimensions (Pvt.) Limited (EDL), two of the leading leadership and technical expertise companies. In its residential and industrial areas, FDHL is committed to offering an advanced modern living experience.


Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Limited is a top-level construction group in Pakistan. Because of their well-acclaimed engineering and building projects over the last fifty years, they are well recognized. For sure, their accomplishment is the product of their ultimate commitment and responsibility to the requirements of the customer and their job. Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Limited has been responsible for over the past five decades for some of the most prestigious construction and engineering projects. Its accomplishments have been the direct product of sheer devotion and duty in Pakistan as well as abroad to their customer requirements and needs.



Surbana Jurong is a well-known consulting company. Singapore is where its headquarters are located. As an engineering, urban, and infrastructure type, SJ is the largest in Asia. A worldwide team of almost 16,000 staff is acquired in their offices. Designers, architects, engineers, planners, and other expert professionals are among the personnel. Surbana Jurong (SJ) is dealing with the capital smart city master plan. The company creates cities for homes with expanded opportunities for the flourishing of industry and societies. Similarly, for the development of the capital smart city master plan, the approach that was interconnected with each other was implemented. This design has a wide variety of amenities and services that align with many of society’s residential, industrial, and entertainment aspects. In addition, another critical aspect of the capital smart city’s master plan focuses on enhancing the natural infrastructure within the community. The program also involves the construction of new infrastructures, such as a public transport network with sufficient strategic stations, a high-rise cascade of houses, and a Central Boulevard.


There is currently no clear information available on master planning and the provision of services or features of the whole housing society. We will still continuously update this information from time to time, according to the upcoming news, and when any information is announced by the developers. Like Capital Smart City, Lahore Smart City will have a general residential block, an overseas block, a financial center, an education district, a health district, a silicon valley, a sports district, and an executive block. Overseas Pakistanis will only be eligible to reserve a plot at the overseas block.


In February 2021, the NOC was approved by the LDA. A NOC, or a No-Objection Certificate, makes it very convenient for housing societies to provide services for their residents. It is assigned to a plot of land by a government-appointed construction and development regulatory body. A Lahore Smart City NOC would therefore assist the project in gaining access to essential services such as water, gas, and electricity. The leading municipal organization in the city of Lahore is the Lahore Development Authority (LDA). The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) is the development agency responsible for issuing NOCs, meaning that the NOC update for Lahore Smart City is provided by LDA.


Lahore Smart City housing Society has introduced pre-launch offers in introductory rates for 5 Marla, 10 marla, and 1 Kanal residential plots. Overseas Pakistanis will only qualify for reserving a plot at the overseas block. Local residents will have the ability and opportunity to reserve their plots in Executive Block and residential block. It is also expected to launch 3 Marla, 7 Marla, 12 Marla, and 2 Kanal Plots. Moreover, it is also expected to launch 4 and 8 Marla Commercial Plots.

Lahore Smart City General Block

The general block comprises residential plots that are available at affordable and low cost. The general block will provide all the basic necessities.

Lahore Smart City Overseas Block

The overseas block is the residential block of the housing society. Only people who are living out of Pakistan or have dual nationality can apply for a place in an overseas block. They are offering 5 Marla Plot in 19 Lac Rupees, 10 Marla Plot is in 34 Lac Rupees and 1 Kanal Plot is in 55 Lac Rupees.


Lahore Smart City is a promising community, much like the Islamabad Capital Smart City. This is why investing in this property at this point in time can be very advantageous for the future because it is at its lowest cost right now and as soon as the housing society is launched and it is urbanized and achieved, then Lahore Smart City will eventually become one of the newest top housing society.

Lahore Smart City Executive Block

This block will have residential houses and apartments, mosques, retail shops, playgrounds, jogging tracks, and a hypermart. They are offering 5 Marla Plot in 18 Lac Rupees, 10 Marla Plot is in 33 Lac Rupees and 1 Kanal Plot is in 54 Lac Rupees.

Lahore Smart City Farmhouses

To enjoy vacations and beautiful scenic views, LSC provides farmhouses of 1 kanal and 2 kanal. People can do farming in it, keep their pets or they can have a beautiful Bungalow for parties, get together, family gatherings, or just for having a peaceful time with family.

Lahore Smart City Sports District

LSC sports district will have grounds and stadiums for various games and sports. Cricket stadium, football stadium, badminton court. Just like the health care district, it will have residential plots and villas also with food corners and some cafes and retail shops and mosques.

Lahore Smart City Health Care District

The major place of this district is its hospital with 500 beds which will have all the facilities related to health.

Lahore Smart City Silicon Valley

Most of the technical and IT work will be handled in this block of Lahore smart city. Office available in this block is corporate offices, IT and software houses, warehouses, Technology operational offices, retail offices, and customer care centres. Other than these offices it will also have residential plots and villas, mosque, and retail shops.

Lahore Smart City Education District

This block will be the learning hub of the housing society. Many schools, colleges, and a university will be constructed in this block. People living in this block will be lucky as schools are within the walking distance.

Lahore Smart City Gate Precinct

It is the first block after the entrance gate of the housing society. Services offices of the Lahore Smart City will be present in it. 4 stars, 3 stars hotels will be built in this block with residential houses and villas. Retail and commercial shops, food court, grocery stores, and mosque will be constructed in this block.

Lahore Smart City Financial Square

Financial square gate offices, banks, conference halls, hospitality, retail offices 5-star boutique hotels, the exhibition hall will be built in this block of the housing society along with residential apartment s and some shops of daily used products.



Lahore Smart City will very soon launch commercial blocks of various sizes.

  • Lahore Smart City 4 Marla Commercial Plots:
  • 5 Marla Commercial Plots
  • 7 Marla Commercial Plots
  • 12 Marla Commercial Plots


In recent years, the urban hubs of the city have been under increased urban pressure. Lahore Smart City will take its part in distributing the urban pressure from the city center to the suburbs. There are some of the features of this society:

  • Eco-Friendly City
  • Advanced Securityfeatures
  • Green and Clean environment
  • Web of Metro Bus
  • Electricity from the underground
  • Electricity, gas and water 24/7
  • Smart apps such as traffic, electricity, weather
  • Hotels, shopping malls, and clubs
  • Modern and intelligent housing
  • World Class Infrastructure
  • Overseas block
  • Parks, lakes, mosques
  • Golf course 18-hole.
  • Interchange designated from M-2

Lahore smart City Booking Procedure

The Lahore Smart City is initially planned on 20000+ Kanals of land and will replicate the international standards of infrastructural development as being carried out in Capital Smart City Islamabad. If achieved by Qazi investments, Lahore Smart City’s booking process is quick and smooth.

  • Download the Application Form and fill it out. Provide all the necessary details.
  • Add 3 of the applicant’s passport size images
  • Attach CNIC/NICOP copy of applicant and next of kin (nominee)
  • Send 10% of the down payment as a pay order, cheque or cash on behalf of “Future Developments Holdings (Pvt) Ltd.” at the time of booking.
  • Submit your form, documents and pay order to us to confirm your booking.
  • Your file will be ready within 30 days and dispatched to your address.


Qazi Investments serves as a Platinum Sales Partner of Lahore Smart City. They serves as a platinum sales partner of Capital Smart City as well. Since the inception of this mega project, several real estate agencies dealing and selling it. However, Qazi investments is the Official Sales Partner of Capital Smart City.