"Capital Smart City: Another master piece from the Capital Smart City launched one of its kind innovative & futuristic development - One Capital Residence." " "Nova City Islamabad has announced Nova City World - Overseas Block for its valuable customers. This state-of-the-art complex will offer luxurious modern amenities. " "Smart City has signed a MoU with Surbana Jorung. This will boast the position of Silicon Valley. " " Surbana Jorung will also design Cultural Village and some other miscellaneous projects" "RUDN Enclave: Development work in RUDN Enclave is on full swing. FWO also started construction of proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road." "Lahore Smart City’s new partnership with Galeria Designs, Raees Fahim, and Faisal Rasul. The future looks bright for Signature Villas!" "Dr Daniel been assigned the task of designing One Capital Residences would surely give birth to an aesthetic giant amidst the twin cities." "Alhamdolillah, with the grace of almighty Allah 2xHybird Double Decker Busses reached safely at Capital Smart City." "Capital Smart City has taken a pivotal step towards water filtration. This the filtration plant of capacity 4.5 Million Gallons per Day (MGD)."
July 8, 2021
investments in Capital Smart City

Reasons To Invest In Capital Smart City

If you are looking to invest in real estate property than Capital Smart City investment is the best option. As Capital Smart City is ranked as Asia’s 4th Smart City and Pakistan 1st Smart City. Furthermore, here in this article we have listed a few reasons that make Capital Smart City an incredible place to invest.

Well Reputed & Experienced Developers

When investing in real estate the main concern of any real estate investor is that the project developers and owners are well reputed and renowned. This is because, in Pakistan’s real estate, majority of the real estate investors are afraid of investing their hard earned money. As frauds and scams are very common in the real estate industry.


Capital Smart City Islamabad is one of a kind real estate project that is being developed in the heart of Islamabad. The project is being developed by Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Limited (HRL) and Future Development Holdings (Pvt.) Limited (FDHL) – one of the well renowned and respected real estate companies. Moreover, Habib Rafique (Pvt.) Limited and Future Development Holdings (Pvt.) Limited have collaborated with Surbana Jurong – an internationally renowned, Singapore based consultancy firm.


Prime Location

Another factor that attracts the investors to any real estate project is the prime location of that project. By prime and ideal location it is meant that any area that has significant landmarks in close proximity. such as hospitals, airports, motorways / expressways, commercial areas and educational institutes etc. is considered as a prime and ideal location. It makes the daily life routine easy and simple for you. This is one of ideal reasons to invest in capital smart city.


Capital Smart City Islamabad is one such real estate project that enjoys an ideal and prime location. Capital Smart City investment is ideal because it is located near Thalian Interchange. Means, on Islamabad Lahore Motorway M2 near New Islamabad International Airport.

Also, according to Capital Smart City map, one of the entrances of this housing society links with the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road. Once Rawalpindi Ring Road is constructed, this residential community would offer its citizens a smooth accessibility to the central commercial areas within Rawalpindi.


First Ever Smart City

Capital Smart City Islamabad is one of a kind project that is being developed in the capital city of Islamabad. Many smart cities have been developed around the world such as in London, Singapore, Tokyo etc. Now this trend has been introduced in Pakistan by Habib Rafique (Pvt.) Limited and Future Development Holdings (Pvt.) Limited.

From infrastructure to development every aspect of capital Smart City makes this project highly attractive. Capital Smart City master plan is being developed by Surbana Jurong – the famous consultancy firm, therefore, the Capital Smart City master plan offers modern and contemporary infrastructure along with AI integrated security systems that makes this residential community highly attractive. Moreover, as it is being developed by highly experienced developers therefore, the investment potential is great and is highly recommended by the real estate experts for investment.


Legal & Legitimate

When investing in real estate industry of Pakistan, real estate investors are keen to know whether the housing society they are investing in is legally approved or not. Many scams and frauds happen when people invest their hard earned money into illegal housing societies due to this real estate investors are bit hesitant about investing in real estate industry of Pakistan.


However, Capital Smart City Islamabad is a legally approved housing society. Habib Rafique (Pvt.) Limited (HRL) and Future Development Holdings (Pvt.) Limited (FDHL) have acquired the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). Therefore, investors can easily invest their hard earned money as it is safe and secure investment opportunity with high return of investment potential.


In conclusion, apart from prime location, highly experienced developers and legal approval, Capital Smart City Payment Plan and an attractive installment plan makes this society an incredible place to make a lifetime investment.


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