Park View City’s Market Demand

Park View City’s Market Demand
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Market demand describes the demand for a given project and who wants to purchase it. This is determined by how willing customers are to spend a certain price on a particular project or service. Market demand is the total of what everyone within a specific industry desires and can help to guide its customer. Market demand of Park view city is high as Park View City housing society is an intriguing residential area, being developed by Vision Group in Islamabad. The luxury residential project offers world-class amenities such as a grand mosque, famous schools, a massive hospital, Park View Mall, and a massive community center. Park View City has kept the industry alive and busy for the past 3 decades since it was introduced in mid-2017. The continued acceptance of this home community at Islamabad’s property marketplace indicates that the marketplace’s assurance has improved in time. There are various methods adopted by the Park View City administration that have led to the accomplishment of specific initiatives that have been started at different periods by the housing society. Market demand of Park View City is tremendous according to Park View City’s authorized agents, demand has remained consistent throughout the year. 75% of the buyers during the phase of society’s launch were end-users. The percentage climbed to over 90% during the second phase of the launch. Since almost all buyers here are end-users, a large percentage of whom find smaller units that meet their needs, the demand for residential plots of 5-marla and 10-marla has been higher here. While for many of these customers, one kanal, the amount of which runs short easily, is the perfect plot size for building a house for personal use. In the meantime, owing to their small numbers, the proprietary 2-kanal residential plots have also done well.


In the vicinity of the New Islamabad International Airport, many other housing societies are being built. Capital Smart City, Star Enclave, Motorway City, Top City-1, and many others are included. The rate of such ventures, however, is marginally higher and not sustainable for society’s fixed-income strata. On the other side, Islamabad’s Park View City is ultimately intended for society’s middle class. Due to Park View City Islamabad’s fair and inexpensive payment plan, it is common among property investors who aim to earn a big return on investment in less time.


Demand has remained constant throughout the year, according to sanctioned members of Park View City, although people working with a few home societies in the area say little without necessity. And when it comes to purchasing land for private use, it is even truer. Furthermore, we have discovered this fascinating truth about Park View City that 75 percent of buyers were consumers during the launch time of society. During the next launch phase, the percentage climbed to over 90 percent. The key reason for this confidence extended from the end-users on such a large scale is the dedication of the programmers to give you the job in time. And this is also to ensure that development work does not stop and that its output is maintained.


The Park View City prices have been steady for a while, then the cost increases. Almost all individuals who have the plots in society are often ended users and have invested rather than expenditures for residential purposes as well. The desirable venue, services, all imply the prevalence of society in addition to the costs supplied. Two years ago 5 Marla’s price was nearly 43 Lacs that were revised in 6 months, a substantial 7 to 8 lac growth was detected as prices are increasing with the growth feature. Approximately PKR 57-58 lac is the latest cost needed to get a 5 Marla residential plot now. Due to easy tradable measurements of these possessions, the need for 5 Marla and 10 Marla residential plots and 6 Marla commercial plots is substantially greater.


Since virtually all buyers are end-users, a sizable proportion of that locates smaller components fitting their demands, the requirement for 5-marla and 10-marla residential plots has been greater here. While for a lot of these buyers, the perfect plot size for building a home for individual use is 1 Kanal, the amount of that is running short quickly. Meanwhile, the exclusive 2-Kanal residential plots also have performed well because of their being restricted in amount.


Best Location

The first and foremost appeal of this luxurious home is its venue. Park View City is located on Malot Road, which is at a distance of 15 minutes from Kashmir Highway. It is situated very next to Hotel Serena. In a 15-20 minute driveway, the company’s 200-ft Main Boulevard is accessible from the Kashmir Highway and Islamabad Expressway.


Park View City is divided into numerous small blocks that are alphabetically called from A to J. They include Residential and industrial blocks. Owners have also set up a “J” expansion block from the new voting incentive kept as a venture for investors on the Park View City website. There are five Marla plots in Blocks A, B, F, K and J, while 10 Marla plots are given in Blocks B, A, F, H and I. In Blocks C, B, F, E, M and N, 1 kanal plots can be found and Blocks D and P provide society with 2 kanal plots.


Park view city is a magnetic housing job that covers everyone’s needs, from home and business properties to apartments to villas in Park View City Islamabad, Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block is the most recent addition to this prestigious project. In the grand endeavor, the Overseas Block will soon be introduced to ensure that it meets all the needs of international standard housing. The block is specifically designed by the designers along with the integration of the majority of creative engineering and conveniences to provide your overseas Pakistanis with an amazing living society. The need to present this particular block on the seizure of foreign Pakistanis who are trying to get an identity, recognition, and also safe place to buy in Pakistan was felt. Not only does the overseas block in Park View City offer grand homes, but also a range of business opportunities. The properties in this block would have added value and high demand. The location of this Overseas block in the city of Park View is in the most important position near Gate 1 in Park View City. The block is situated near the industrial core of this business and, apart from an elite dwelling, will provide its residents with productive investments.


CDA approval is another aspect that makes Park View City an excellent real estate investment. Islamabad Park View City is one of the few housing societies officially approved by the Capital Development Authority in Islamabad. One of the key considerations that real estate investors consider before parking their investment in a private housing scheme is CDA approval.


The developer’s team aims to complete this project ahead of the timetable specified. Block A and Block B are already fully and readily established and ready for possession. Meanwhile, heavy equipment is running day and night in the local area. The work at society’s entry gate started successfully. The design work is currently focused on completing the construction of the company’s 200-foot Main Boulevard to meet visitors’ travel needs on a priority basis. The magnificent society’s builders are now working at a high speed to complete the project for their investors before the given time. Blocks A and B are almost done and have already been sold. Now, progress has started on other blocks. Lights are also mounted on these blocks. The next first job in block A is to provide clean water for drinking purposes. For its people, a water treatment plant will be arranged shortly. Water is treated and supplied to all corners of block A in this treatment facility.


The booking of the Park View City Islamabad plots has already begun. In this master project, investors have shown strong interest. If you want to book a plot in Islamabad’s Park View Area, do not wait. The cost of the plots is estimated to increase in no time. By following these easy steps, you can book a story.

  • Download the Application form
  • Read to all the Terms & Conditions
  • Take out the print of the Application form
  • Fill in the required details diligently
  • Attach the copy of the CNIC Applicant, CNIC of Nominee, and Photo of the applicant.
  • You can pay the amount (down payment + Processing Fee) via Pay Order/ Draft or Online transaction.


These are some of the famous market trends that make Park View City Islamabad a great investment opportunity. Qazi Investments is one of the best real estate agencies in Islamabad and an authorized dealer of Park View City Islamabad.

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