February 24, 2021

Why Park View City’s Overseas Block is Best for Investment

Park View City in Zone IV of Islamabad is a CDA approved, Beautiful Vision Project. The Housing Society has 400ft wide Main Boulevard which grants direct access from Highway into the society, furthermore you can also get access via Kurri Road and Bani gala. Due to its scenic views and the high-end facilities, Park View City is Popular among Investments Projects. Park View City has a Beautiful Location and amenities that attract every nature lover. Park View City is a leading name in Real Estate Sector. The greenery and location add extra beauty to not only its location and provides a good weather. Park View has Overseas Block for Overseas Pakistanis. Overseas Block of Park View City is the best investment choice as it offers great features:

Separate School:

A luxury is the comfort of your children going to school in your neighborhood. Not only your children will be under your observation, but in our school system, you will get a 25 percent discount.

Separate Hospital:

Overseas block will have its own state-of-the-art hospital. You will have quick and most convenient access to health services.

Separate Park:

Everybody wishes to enjoy walking quietly in the morning or evening. You will therefore have a different park for you to enjoy.

Gated Block:

There will be a different gate for the Overseas Block. This will guarantee privacy and security.

Separate Commercial Area:

Residents of the Overseas Block would have the luxury of getting their own industrial zone. There will be renowned brands in the commercial area.

Separate Masjid:

You won’t need to get to the Park View City Central Masjid. The residents of the overseas block will have a different masjid.

Free WIFI:

Feel connected to the world. You will be enjoying free public wifi.

Extra Size:

The additional size is one of the most appealing aspects of the Overseas Block. 26×50 for 5 marla, 35×70 for 10 marla, and 50×90 for 1 Kanal are offered.

Easy Payment Plan:

Overseas block has an easy three-year payment plan. Bookings in overseas block starts from just 10% of the amount which is Rs. 450,000. 

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