May 27, 2021

The LDA Develops Strategies To Address Traffic Issues

Lahore: To address the increasing traffic challenges in the provincial capital, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has proposed various new development projects.


Commissioner Lahore Capt (retd) Muhammad Usman conducted a meeting in this regard on Friday, during which Director-General LDA Ahmed Aziz Tarar briefed the Commissioner on the city’s escalating traffic issues and LDA development projects.

During the meeting, the Sheranwala Gate Flyover, Gulab Devi Underpass, Shahkam Chowk Flyover, and other projects were discussed. In his address to the meeting, Commissioner Lahore stated that the LDA has developed the best alternative traffic flow plan for the Sheranwala Gate Flyover and other projects.


Commissioner Lahore stated that the condition of roads under the Sheranwala Gate Flyover should be repaired as well and that prompt completion of projects was critical to resolving traffic issues. Before beginning the projects, DG LDA Ahmed Aziz Tarar stated that an integrated alternative traffic strategy had been established. He stated that land acquisition for the Sheranwala Gate Flyover is now ongoing and that more than 22 kanals of land would be obtained for this project. He said that the Sheranwala Gate project will be completed in ten months.


The DG LDA stated that the rebuilding of the Gulab Devi underpass will be finished in nine months. ‘The Gulab Devi underpass would be 600 meters long, with two lanes and a great drainage system,’ he explained.


DG LDA went on to say that construction on numerous key municipal projects was already started and many were in the pipeline. Traffic was heavy at Shahkam Chowk, where three major roads intersected: Canal Road, Defense Road, and Multan Road.


The DG LDA stated that a flyover will be built at Shahkam Chowk to facilitate traffic flow on Multan Road and Defense Road. The two-lane Shahkam Chowk flyover would cost Rs 4.5 billion to build. At Shahkam Chowk, there will be a signal-free route, and this flyover will help over 200,000 cars daily.


To alleviate traffic congestion, the DG LDA announced the construction of a ‘Turbo Roundabout’ at Shahdara Chowk. A multi-level roundabout at Shahdara Chowk would provide diverse routes for light and heavy traffic.


Commissioner Lahore praised the concept, saying that the multi-level roundabout at Shahdara Chowk was a brilliant concept. He stated that construction on the project should begin immediately and that a magnificent model will also be built in the Shahdara Chowk roundabout.


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