February 22, 2021

Smart Waste Management System for Capital Smart City and Royal Orchard, Multan is ready to dispatch from Italy

Qazi Investments is pleased to announced that the First Order of Smart Waste Management System for Capital Smart City and Royal Orchard, Multan is ready to dispatch from Italy. The equipment is acquired by ESA, the largest waste managing company in Italy. Capital Smart City team will inspect the materials and the inspection will be performed by the Capital Smart City team at ESA ‘s factory in Reggio Emilia.As we know, the concept of the Smart City has evolved to provide decent Lifestyle. Capital Smart City is pioneer of bringing Sustainable future by making most out of new technology. It is an RDA approvedproject and has maintained high level of standard in every aspect of Smart Economy, Smart Housing and Smart Environment. The Smart Waste Management system is one of the Smart City’s many essential requirements. This Smart Waste Management System will have a number of advantages like:

  • It will reduce the infrastructure, operating and maintenance costs by upto 30%.
  • It will decrease traffic flow and consecutively noise due to less air pollution.
  • It keeps our surroundings clean and green and free from bad odour of wastes.
  • It further reduces manpower requirements to handle the garbage collection process.
  • Applying smart waste management process to the city optimizes management, resources and costs which makes it a “Smart City”.
  • It will help the administration to generate extra revenue by advertisements on smart devices.

Initially348 garbage boxes, two IVECO and Solar Compactors were purchased. Each basket has a capacity of 3,000 liters and can hold 21 cubic meters for compacted waste, automatic transmission and command based operations. Lastly, we have purchased 348 baskets along with a couple of Garbage. Collection Lkw (IVECo) and a solar powered garbage compactors.Their work will be monitored from the control room to improve the efficiency of the system. Trucks with PLC and tracker are equipped with cameras to monitor work from the control room in order to improve system efficiency and workforce resources.

It is great news as in Pakistan, neither the government nor any other private sector has introduced a Smart Waste Management system. Qazi Investments is a Global Marketing Company that manages Real Estate Properties and will provide reliable Project updates from Pakistan for its clients including Overseas Pakistanis as well.

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