October 21, 2021
Security Clearance’ Hinders Construction Of Houses

Security Clearance’ Hinders Construction Of Houses

RAWALPINDI: As many as 800 residential building plans approved by Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) have not been given security clearance. The building plans had been approved by the RCB nearly six months ago and sent to the competent authority. However, the RCB has not received the security clearance so far.

The people waiting to start construction work on their properties were facing immense difficulties as no competent forum was available for the security clearance as the former elected members of the cantonment board had completed their term.

Earlier, the RCB president by using his discretionary powers under section 25 had approved all residential building plans and they had been sent to the relevant forum for security clearance.

However, the competent authority has not approved the security clearance of around 800 residential buildings, which had been hanging in the balance for months.

The delay has deferred the construction of houses in different areas including Dhok Syedan, Misryal Road, Dhok Gujran, People’s Colony, Tench Bhatta, Ghaffar Kayani Road, Naseerabad, Dhok Banaras, Range Road, Dhok Chaudhry, Chak Madad Khan, Allahabad, Westridge etc.

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