"Capital Smart City: Another master piece from the Capital Smart City launched one of its kind innovative & futuristic development - One Capital Residence." " "Nova City Islamabad has announced Nova City World - Overseas Block for its valuable customers. This state-of-the-art complex will offer luxurious modern amenities. " "Smart City has signed a MoU with Surbana Jorung. This will boast the position of Silicon Valley. " " Surbana Jorung will also design Cultural Village and some other miscellaneous projects" "RUDN Enclave: Development work in RUDN Enclave is on full swing. FWO also started construction of proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road." "Lahore Smart City’s new partnership with Galeria Designs, Raees Fahim, and Faisal Rasul. The future looks bright for Signature Villas!" "Dr Daniel been assigned the task of designing One Capital Residences would surely give birth to an aesthetic giant amidst the twin cities." "Alhamdolillah, with the grace of almighty Allah 2xHybird Double Decker Busses reached safely at Capital Smart City." "Capital Smart City has taken a pivotal step towards water filtration. This the filtration plant of capacity 4.5 Million Gallons per Day (MGD)."
February 22, 2021



Since Pakistan is relatively small but one of the most populated, due to a number of aspects including its geographic location, it is a special country on the world map. It’s called home by nearly 200 million people. Despite changes in government and the overwhelming demands of policymakers for progress and development, many are homeless. To order to boost the economy, real estate plays a fundamental role. Home investment not only offers living accommodation but is also Pakistani’s main source of wealth and savings.

You need to hear from people all around to invest in real estate regardless of what it takes just because this investment will always help you profit. False! I saw a number of failed property investors who purchased but finally sold properties or plots. Why does it happen? They did not have a strong financial base or believed in strategy.

Pakistan has become economically an attractive country, but due to a lack of investors’ protection laws and ambiguity about the legal and orderly situation in the country, Pakistan’s investment in the real estate sector is losing interest quickly.

Yet there is hardly any focus by the government on this sector and it allocates minimum budgets for buildings and housing every year, due to the increasing population and the fast migration to major cities. Finally, private developers take on the task of founding residential companies to meet the demand for housing. Although the government makes a lot of money in the form of taxes and duties from Pakistan’s real estate sector, it spends money on growth in this sector.

In the light of the law and order, private developers have chosen few major towns and semi-urban districts to create private residential communities, while they manage other security issues. With regard to the development of the property, without the remarkable DHA and Bahria Town, the real estate advancement chapter remains incomplete.

Bahria Town is Pakistan’s largest property development, which also introduces a new concept of fenced housing societies. Bahria Town is Pakistan’s first resident company to carry out the idea of no load-shedding and security to its residents. Following their idea, new developers in their new residential communities now usually offer the same features.
The DHA, which runs by Pakistan’s Armed Forces and is primarily building accommodation for officers and retired military officers, is another magnificent real estate project. Unlike Bahria City, DHA is also distributed to all of Pakistan’s major cities.

Both of these and few other high-end residential developments like Capital Smart City boost Pakistan’s immobilized growth Nevertheless, relentless efforts by public authorities to prosper well, to make more economic contribution and to capture more of the country’s Economy are needed if the real estate sectors are to be strengthened.

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