February 25, 2021
Roshan Digital Accounts

Remittances exceed $200 million via Roshan Digital Accounts

The Government of Pakistan unveiled Roshan Digital Accounts, presenting a digital banking solution for the Overseas Pakistanis. It is an official channel offering ease of payment, investment in the real estate of Pakistan. It was announced that the remittances transferred via Roshan Digital Accounts exceeded $ 200 million. In 28 days, the $200 million marks was reached, and in 76 days, the first $100 m mark was achieved. On this occasion, Prime Minister Imran Khan went to Twitter to thank Pakistan’s overseas residents for the $200 million transferred via the digital service launched by the State Bank Pakistan. On December 10, this year, the SBP registered the highest-ever single-day remittance of $7.70 million. The Roshan Digital Account provides the overseas Pakistani diaspora with full digital banking solutions, offering simple payment and investment facilities in different sectors of Pakistan, including real estate, stocks, etc., so that they can get impeccable services in their homeland. Bridging the current gap through Fintech, the Government of Pakistan (GOP) has unveiled ‘Roshan Digital Accounts’ in collaboration with the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP)-a digital banking solution for overseas Pakistanis that offer our esteemed diaspora simple payment and investment facilities in various sectors of Pakistan, including real estate, stocks, etc.

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