July 8, 2021
Rawalpindi Ring Road Latest Updates

Rawalpindi Ring Road Latest Updates

Even before the Rawalpindi Ring Road project commenced it received a hard backlash due to which not only the project got delayed but also Special Assistant to the Prime Minister resigned due to this controversy. However, Rawalpindi Ring Road isn’t the first project that has received such a controversial backlash.


Prime Minister Imran Khan took notice of this alleged scam / controversy where changes in the realignment were made in the Rawalpindi Ring Road project. These changes did not only increase the budget of this project by 25 Billion Rupees but also was benefitting a few private housing societies.


From the beginning, Rawalpindi Ring Road project has faced a lot of criticism and delays and if this proposed project once gets fully developed then the nearby areas and residential communities of the Rawalpindi Ring Road would require new waste management, power and water, sewerage and other infrastructural developments and upgrades.


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