April 30, 2021

PM: Balochistan to witness prosperity revolution thru massive development

Prime Minister Imran Khan during his visit to Quetta on Wednesday said that the projects of infrastructure and human development will bring a revolution of prosperity in Balochistan.

The prime minister, speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony for three roads under the National Highway Authority (NHA), said that Balochistan had been ignored in the past and that the government would do everything possible to alleviate local poverty. Despite financial constraints, M Imran stated that his government was dedicated to diverting funds to Balochistan’s development.

He stated that the government was extending the network of Rs 0.1 million health insurance per household in Punjab and Gilgit Baltistan after Khyber Pukhtunkhwa and that this will be addressed with the Balochistan coalition government.

He mentioned that the Kisan Card scheme, which provides direct subsidies to farmers for seeds and fertilizer, had been introduced, and that 80 percent of eligible families’ data had registered for the Ehsaas socio-welfare initiative.

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