April 8, 2021
Pakistan Citizen Portal

Pakistan Citizen Portal added an exclusive Land Grab category to lodge Complaints

In order to improve public service delivery, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced on Tuesday the development of an exclusive category on the Pakistan Citizen Portal (PCP) for filing complaints about land grabbing or the Qabza mafia.

The Prime Minister announced the inclusion of the category, stating that the aim is to further tighten the noose around Pakistan’s land grabbing mafia. According to an official release, the prime minister stated that the federal government was committed to preventing land grabs across the state. Imran Khan has ordered strict legal measures as per law at various tiers of the administration, both at the federal and provincial levels to make this possible.


“To facilitate the public at large, the Prime Minister during live telephonic interaction held on 4 April, 2021 had been pleased to announce provision of an exclusive category on PCP for lodging complaints pertaining to land grabbing/Qabza Mafia,” read the official statement.

“As per the terms of the PCP-Manual, complaints relating to matters involving court cases will not be entertained,” the Prime Minister’s Office said. “Complaints from Pakistanis living abroad will be investigated as a matter of PRIORITY.”

The government hopes that the new category would also assist officials in learning about the issue’s grey areas of administration, obtaining analysis for policy development, evaluating the officers’ competence and effectiveness, and holding them responsible in the event of incompetence.

“Specific guidelines will be given to the effect that allegations filed under the new category will be closely examined,” the statement continued. In the case of private affairs, the complaints should be thoroughly investigated after hearing all sides before taking action.”

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