September 27, 2021
KARACHI The Ultimate Goal Of Every Economic Model

KARACHI: The Ultimate Goal Of Every Economic Model

In order to achieve this goal, different governments pursue different policies and strategies based on local, cultural and social values and requirements, and short, medium and long-term strategies and plans are devised.

Different economic models are used by different governments with varying degrees of state control. Globally, the state intervention level varies from country to country and even in different sub-units of the same country.

Pakistan right from the word go, has been continuously witnessing malfunctioning and mismanagement on the economic front. Despite being endowed with the most fertile soils, complete range of weathers, abundance of minerals and most importantly human resource with a high proportion of youth, the country has not been able to take off owing to political instability, economic mismanagement, law and order situation, hostile neighbors and other factors

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