February 25, 2021
IWMB announced Rs 1.8bn uplift of a project

IWMB announced Rs 1.8bn uplift of a project

Chairman Rina Saeed Khan confirmed that the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IMWB) had announced an uplift project worth Rs1.8 billion. Project concept-I (PC-I) was submitted for approval to the Ministry of Climate Change and was further added. Under this program, the Authority has intended to set up a National Park Services Centre, set up a wildlife rescue service, turn the zoo into a sanctuary for wildlife, and establish and maintain MHNP trails. The IWMB is the legal custodian of the Park and is mandated to protect, conserve and manage of the national park, which it does with support from CDA and Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI).

The Board aims to preserve the ecology of the national park, while giving an opportunity to the present and future generations to experience and enjoy nature, and learn to value it. The protection programme of the Board aims to reduce threats from illegal cutting of wood, hunting of animals and birds, forest fires, illegal construction and encroachments, littering, and pollution. In addition, the Board is working with the local communities living adjacent to the park and visitors to raise their environmental awareness and to educate them on the value of the national park.

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