February 25, 2021
ICCI asks CDA islamabad

ICCI asks CDA to focus on enhancing the growth of industrial sectors

CDA demanded an emphasis on improving the development of industrial sectors. Roads and footpaths have broken without any repair, streetlights were not working while water supply was also not satisfactory, industrial activities were suffering in the region. ICCI called on the government to intervene in the matter and give orders to CDA to initiate construction work in Islamabad’s current industrial areas. It was said that there was no more space in these areas to setup new industrial units and prices of industrial plots in these industrial estates have increased. In Islamabad, industrial areas play a very important role in promoting economic activities and exports in the development of the local economy, but these areas face several problems. Islamabad’s industrial areas, including I-9, I-10 and the Kahuta Industrial Triangle, play a very important role in encouraging industrial activities and exports to grow the local economy. But due to the lack of attention from CDA for their better growth, these areas were facing several problems. Islamabad’s industrial areas are boosting manufacturing activity, growing exports and providing thousands of people with jobs, so the CDA should pay careful attention to enhancing the development of these industrial areas.

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