November 22, 2021
Government Fulfills Promise Of Voting Right To Overseas Pakistani

Government Fulfills Promise Of Voting Right To Overseas Pakistanis

LAHORE – Punjab Governor Ch Sarwar said on Sunday that the government had fulfilled its promise of giving voting right to overseas Pakistanis.

He was talking to overseas Pakistanis during a cake-cutting ceremony to celebrate the voting rights to overseas and later in a meeting with overseas Pakistani Naveed Anwar from United States here at Governor House. “In a democracy, the performance of any government can be measured by the vote.

Political opponents should also appreciate the government’s move to give overseas Pakistanis the right to vote. Overseas Pakistanis, who send Rs30 billion annually, are our biggest asset. The launch of a digital portal to facilitate overseas Pakistanis is also a testament of the love of the PTI for overseas Pakistanis,” he said.

Ch Sarwar said that the PTI government was fulfilling all the promises made to the overseas Pakistanis including the right to vote. “The right to vote will enable nine million Pakistanis living abroad to use their voting right,” he added. He said the political parties that opposed the voting right of overseas Pakistanis should also reconsider their stance. “They should fully support this initiative because it is constitutional and democratic right of overseas Pakistanis.”

Governor said that the PTI government is taking steps to provide maximum facilities to overseas Pakistanis. The digital portal has also been launched to facilitate overseas Pakistanis. He said that acquiring power of attorney has been a major problem for Pakistanis living abroad, but the PTI government has also solved this, adding that thousands of overseas Pakistanis will benefit from online verification and issuance of power of attorney.

He further stated that overseas Pakistanis are hardworking and they have a great contribution to the country’s development as they send remittances. The overseas Pakistanis value the country, they are very patriotic, and they want the country to progress, he said and cited that in the past, hurdles were created instead of facilitating the Pakistanis living abroad. He said that due to the relief and facilities to overseas Pakistanis by the government, today, they are investing more and more in Pakistan.

Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said that the  present government is committed to provide facilities to overseas Pakistanis as people have given the mandate to PTI  government for five years, and the government wants to take the country forward and the political opponents want to put it in reverse gear. He said that it is the constitutional and democratic right of the government to complete its constitutional term. He said that for the first time in Pakistan,  work is being done to strengthen the institutions in a true sense. He said that all political and religious parties must play a positive role in tackling the challenges faced by Pakistan.

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