December 4, 2021
ERP System For Interest-Free Smart Loans

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System For Interest-Free Smart Loans

LAHORE: Punjab health foundation has organized the (ERP) system, an automated system for providing interest-free smart loans. According to the news sources, the ‘go-live’ ceremony was inaugurated by Managing Director Punjab health foundation, Dr. Kiran Khurshid at PHF’s office at Poonch House on Thursday.

Dr. Kiran Khurshid said ERP automated system was the need of the hour in view of the recent demand for interest-free smart loans by Punjab Health Foundation. ERP system shall cover the entire loaning process from receiving applications to processing, sanctioning, the release of loan, and tracking each case afterward for recovery purposes. She added.

Dr. Kiran also said digital presence is evidence of our commitment towards a more efficient and dynamic approach for decision making and aligning PHF’s goals with best practices in order to provide convenience and transparency for the doctors and other healthcare providers under the support of Secretary Health Punjab Dr. Ahmad Javed Qazi.

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