October 28, 2021
Vision of PM

The vision of the Prime Minister of Pakistan – transparency and development through construction.

After coming into power, the present government focused on improving the performance of national institutions. To further improve the efficiency and working regime of the National    Highway Authority with the objective to inculcate transparency and fairness in its affairs was a great challenge to the government. However, keeping in view the vision of Prime Minister   Imran Khan, the National Highway Authority, an attached organization of the Ministry of Communications, undertook concrete steps and chalked out a comprehensive plan to complete road infrastructure projects at a rapid pace throughout the country. Revolutionary measures taken by NHA to translate the vision of PM into reality will be remembered as a part of national history. The first priority was to construct motorways and national highways on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) basis with the view to reduce the financial burden on the national exchequer and to make roads construction and their maintenance procedures completely transparent.

At present times, it is noteworthy that in the past the value of the dollar was low while now its value has increased. Cement, steel and building materials were cheaper in the past. While presently with the increased value of the dollar, the rates of construction materials have also been increased. In such a state of affairs, the extraordinary measures undertaken by the present government have resulted in the execution of national highways and motorways projects at a much lower cost.

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