"Capital Smart City: Another master piece from the Capital Smart City launched one of its kind innovative & futuristic development - One Capital Residence." " "Nova City Islamabad has announced Nova City World - Overseas Block for its valuable customers. This state-of-the-art complex will offer luxurious modern amenities. " "Smart City has signed a MoU with Surbana Jorung. This will boast the position of Silicon Valley. " " Surbana Jorung will also design Cultural Village and some other miscellaneous projects" "RUDN Enclave: Development work in RUDN Enclave is on full swing. FWO also started construction of proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road." "Lahore Smart City’s new partnership with Galeria Designs, Raees Fahim, and Faisal Rasul. The future looks bright for Signature Villas!" "Dr Daniel been assigned the task of designing One Capital Residences would surely give birth to an aesthetic giant amidst the twin cities." "Alhamdolillah, with the grace of almighty Allah 2xHybird Double Decker Busses reached safely at Capital Smart City." "Capital Smart City has taken a pivotal step towards water filtration. This the filtration plant of capacity 4.5 Million Gallons per Day (MGD)."
February 20, 2021

Eco City

According to experts, an eco-city or ecocity is “a human settlement modeled on the self-sustaining resilient structure and function of natural ecosystems”.Eco-city is also called an ecologically healthy city.The World Bank defines eco-cities as “cities that enhance the well-being of citizens and society through integrated urban planning and management that harness the benefits of ecological systems and protect and nurture these assets for future generations”.

Eco-cities tend to focus on new developing towns, particularly in developing countries like China, where 500,000 or more residents are being provided as a basis for new eco-cities. Green cities are the ones that promote and lead to green lives. These urban centers implement recycling programs, motorbike lanes, parks, and high values of water quality. Like green cities, the plan of green building is to make and use systems that are responsible for the environment and energy effective throughout the life cycle of a building from sit-in to design, development, service, repair, refurbishment, and deconstruction.

There is no fully agreed definition of the framework for which components a sustainable city should be or that totally agrees. Urban experts generally agree that a sustainable city will meet the current needs without compromising future generations ‘ capacity to accomplish their desires. The insecurity within this plan leads to many differences in how cities try to become sustainable.

Ideally, a sustainable town creates a lasting way of life across the four ecological, economic, political and cultural fields. Sustainable towns are to feed themselves with a sustainable dependence on the natural environment around them and to be able to use renewable energy sources.

An ideal sustainable city creates an ecologically, cost-effectively, politically and culturally sustainable life. Balanced cities should be able to use renewable sources of energy to feed themselves with a balanced reliance on their natural environment. It focuses on the smallest ecological footprint while generating as little waste as possible. All this is effectively done by using the land to compost, recycle and/or turn waste into energy. The goal is to reduce the environment change impacts in the city of these contributions.

  • Is fully carbon neutral through promotion of techniques such as renewable use and production
  • is built into a well-planned urban landscape that promotes walking ability, cycling and use of public transport systems

Promotes the conservation of the resources by maximizing water efficiency and power efficiency

Promotes sustainability of energy through increasing efficiency of water and energy, maintaining an environmentally friendly disposal process, encouraging recycling and reuse in order to build a zero-waste system • Reconstructs urban areas which are environmentally impaired

Provides decent and affordable housing for all the socio-economic and ethnic groups and increases the job opportunities for marginalized groups, such as women, minorities and disabled.

Therefore, each eco-city has a set of specific requirements to achieve environmental and financial benefits that range from large scale goals, such as zero and reduced carbon emissions, to small-scale action, such as urban reconsolidation and setting-up of green roofs. The best example where such an environment would be provided to its residents is Capital Smart City Islamabad, Pakistan.

Like natural ecosystems, they generate energy and materials and process them through their components as they flow through the system. Urban habitats involve human and environmental concentrations as well as active ecosystems that generate the energy and resources required to support the entire population.

It has an opportunity to become self-reliant and sustainable only if the urban system is environmentally complete.

Eco City does not just concentrate about energy, but it focuses about residents’ comfort. The architects ‘ innovative ideas turn the visionary eco-cities of Masdar in Abu Dhabi into an oasis of elegance. With its meter wind turbine, the air in the city absorbs thermal heat from the streets and instead blows the cooling light. In order to reduce the heat effects of soil, the developers raised the whole site above ground. Masdar has nearly no vehicles around is a carbon free city. The solar powered vehicles are all available in the city. The benefits of the location have been used to install solar farms next to the city which supply it with 100% renewable energy.

“The World’s Smartest City,” Korea’s Songdo has amazed the world–Songdo has an impressive city with a range of smart technology with more than 60,000 inhabitants. City trials and projects with Cisco cover potential communication technologies.

There is no garbage; it is thrown through pipelines directly to the waste recycling center. The Parkland area covers amazing 40% of the city in conjunction with cycling paths and city walkway. The design of Songdo, however, is fantastic. The greenery is the direct source of large buildings with a beautiful layer. The city has an outdoor shopping centre, a golf course, tennis courts and many other activities that enable citizens to enjoy active life.

Similarly, another state of the art eco-city project “Capital Smart City Islamabad” with its smart tech features will be ready, with a range of smart technology, in Pakistan.

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