February 22, 2021
After multiple years of speculation and delays, the Rawalpindi Ring Road project was given a go-ahead by the government last month

Construction of PWD Underpass

Qazi Investments is pleased to announce that Capital Development Authority is rapidly moving ahead with construction of PWD underpass. As Islamabad Expressway is among the major arteries of Islamabad with huge urban and provincial traffic. Islamabad Expressway Work on PWD underpass has been launched and will have many benefits:

  • Like to cope with Increased TrafficBurdens and facilitate population in the neighboring areas.
  • It will also benefit residents of Al Makkah City.
  • It will be beneficial for Bahria Town.
  • It will be suitable for Korang Housing Society and Soan Garden as well.
  • Pakistan Town and PWD Housing Society will get a benefit too.
  • CBR Town will also have an advantage.
  • Residents of AGHOSH Housing Society will also be facilitated.

As part of the full Islamabad Expressway Signal Free Corridor project, construction of the PWD under-pass is under way. The construction machinery which was moved to the construction site a few days back is busy with excavation work with full pace. Up till now 80% excavation work on eastern loop has been completed while excavation work on western loop also is in full swing resulting in completion of around 20% work.  In accordance with the instructions of Chairman CDA, Capital Development Authority constantly monitors project progress to ensure that it is completed early. The creation of the PWD underpassis part of the CDA ‘s overall strategy to build infrastructure and develop long-lastingly neglected residential sectors in Islamabad.

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