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February 22, 2021



Recently, the Government of Pakistan has allowed the construction of 50-story buildings, which has started to develop in metro cities such as Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Multan. Previously, there was a ban on the construction of high-rises in the funnel areas but now it has been relaxed. However, despite the ban multi-storey buildings were being constructed in the funnel areas (15km radius) of airports.
Almost 20 buildings, with an incredible height of 100 meters and higher, are already there in Pakistan.

There are so many advantages and disadvantages of high-rise buildings:
Construction of high-rise buildings will require an additional high price due to the need for highly advanced foundations, heavy-wind structural system and high-tech mechanical, electrical, lift and fire-resistant systems and higher overhead costs such as high energy consumption, lift maintenance, and expenditures in an emergency. Tall buildings have less useful space compared to low-lying buildings. Whereas about 70% of the floor plan of a skyscraper is typically accessible (the rest being the elevator, escalators, and columns of the building), more than 80% of low-level spaces are common.

The population density generated by skyscrapers significantly increases the demand for transport and other services. Proper traffic and parking planning typically require large public works and public works projects. The existing power grid, water supply, and sewer systems will also receive an additional load from a new skyscraper. In an undeveloped environment, a large building needs to provide new cost-consuming infrastructure

Several researchers expressed concern about the social and emotional effects of living in high-rise apartments. While high altitude housing may be desirable for individuals and couples, for a family with children it is less suitable. Some sociologists claim that the atmosphere in large buildings can make residents lonely by creating a mindset of rat cage
Some poorly planned skyscraper gave a public’s opinion of the poor construction of towers and the crime in the city.  The economic status, poor planning and linear obstruction of brutal architecture have been described as factors for this project’s failure.
Skyscrapers are seen as targets for possible attacks in the future particularly after the 11 September attacks against the World Trade Center. This risk not only causes many people worried about living in or around skyscrapers but also causes more common disasters, such as the fire or earthquake.
One of the benefits, when skyscrapers are first constructed, was to establish connections and allow them to work easier with diverse groups of people. Now people can work from anywhere and connect with anyone with the coming of the internet. This new technology could reduce the physical proximity gain to a minimum.

The biggest annoyance is:

•      For the construction of very large buildings, very professional engineers and architects are required to design the building, thus increasing overall costs.
•      The building’s occupants may be influenced by constant oscillation.
•      Congestion control challenge.
•      A number of human and social issues are inevitable.
•      There is an imbalance between the load on municipalities due to the excess population, such as supplies of water, sewage, electricity, etc.
•      Nonetheless, building high rises is more difficult and costly, heavy loads, wind and possible earthquakes must be managed to cope with by foundations and structure. Vertical transport and fire escape must be provided. You need fire hazard protection.
•      People feel lonely in higher standing buildings.
•      You find it difficult, as most just rent flats and travel around a lot, to maintain a consistent relationship with each other.
•      They rarely interact with neighbors, and among these people there is no sense of ownership.
•      They feel helpless and sad when they have problems in life.
•      In addition, high-rise apartments are usually located in highly populated urban areas and can live in tight conditions.
•      There is no proper space, for example, for private backyards and public parks

Several safety problems also relate to high-rise buildings.
                      •      Highly skilled engineers need to build high-level buildings
                      •      They need to take care of various things such as wind, earthquake protection etc.

Therefore, you always keep the safety tips of scaffolding in mind when structure high-rise buildings.

On the other hand high-rise buildings have some benefits like:

•      In contrast to shorter buildings, they save space and accommodate more people.

•      The higher floors are more luminous and get more sunshine.

•      Taller buildings are a better choice for a green building, because they are smaller, airier and provide more room for the installation of solar panels.

•      These are much more economical than buying a large area and building a large house is more competitive.

•      Apartments are both for living and for maintenance cheaper alternatives to houses.

•      Apartments are constructed purposely with everything available in small areas and are therefore easier to clean and maintain.

•      More secluded living rooms above the ground are perfect for a quiet, restless life.

•      Allows space for a wide range of open spaces to create a natural atmosphere.

•      Development for the gain of less building land

•      Allows better day lighting and increased air flow.

•      Offers a lovely view of the city.

•      Over floors give protection from the noise of the street.

•      Rooms such as community fitness rooms, parking, parking lot, pool, etc.

•      The main benefit of high-rise buildings construction is that they take up less space on the site. This lowers the impact of land costs on living space prices and leaves room for infrastructure, green space and community space on the ground.

•      It’s also good to live high above ground sometimes. The air is fresher, the view is better, the noise is less.

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