December 13, 2021
Commissioner Directs RDA To Prepare Green Regulations

Commissioner Directs RDA To Prepare Green Regulations

Rawalpindi   –   Commissioner/ Acting Director General (DG) Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) Gulzar Hussain Shah has directed Metropolitan Planning and Traffic Engineering (MP&TE) Directorate to prepare green regulations for intensification and restoration of ecosystem through maximization of Pothohari flora.

He emphasized the need to align the RDA’s regulatory framework with the Ten Billion Tree Tsunami vision. In this regard, he directed that RDA needs to adopt the objectives including intensification and maximisation of indigenous Pothohari Flora revival and rehabilitation of Pothohari wildernesses; revival of Pothohari ecosystem in urban settings; making urban settings conducive to protection; promotion and revival of Pothohari flora and fauna including Pothohari and migratory birds; minimization of exotic flora, especially its replacement in the public space with Pothohari flora; maximizing land use efficiency for human settlements for maximizing area under wildernesses, forests and green fields; maximizing area under wilderness, forests and green fields; maximization of carbon sequestration within urban settings by maximizing Pothohari tree, bush, shrub cover in public and private space; maximization of use of wood and its derivatives as construction material for maximizing carbon sequestration/ sink and maximization of urban sunny surface.

Commissioner Rawalpindi Division expressed with concern that we all have observed fast vanishing  of Pothohari and migratory fauna since the flora being planted in homes, parks and open areas etc. is mostly exotic; trees are of exotic origin and not supportive for the indigenous fauna.

 He mentioned that by planting and promoting Pothohari flora in parks, play grounds, along nullahs, streams, along utility corridors, public buildings (mosques, hospitals etc.), commercial area’s parking lots, graveyards and of course our homes, rooftops etc. we can restore food chains of Pothohari and migratory fauna within the urban settings.

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