November 19, 2021
China Pakistan Trade Online’ Platform Set Up To Boost Trade

China Pakistan Trade Online’ Platform Set Up To Boost Trade

Islamabad: China Pakistan Trade Online (CPTO) platform was established to boost bilateral online trade to create new opportunities for entrepreneurs of both countries, according to a news publication.

As per the details, China Pakistan Trade Online was launched in March this year; unfortunately, merchants have not listed many products on the website because of the enormity of the number of products. Currently, CPTO is focusing on F2B and B2B and it will update to F2C and B2C in the next phase.

It is pertinent to mention that the Chamber of Commerce noticed problems in the bilateral trade. According to President of Pakistan Sichuan Chamber of Commerce Li Hongwu, both countries have limited information about the products.

To resolve these problems, a platform was introduced to share information – similar to Taobao. It was also a payment platform – like Alipay – where money will be transferred to the seller after the customers have confirmed the products. With this platform, the Chamber of Commerce hopes to promote economic exchanges between the countries.

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