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November 12, 2021
Children Celebrate Iqbal’s Legacy At PNCA

Children Celebrate Iqbal’s Legacy At PNCA

ISLAMABAD: Children from the twin cities reaffirmed Allama Iqbal’s message of “Khudi” through songs, poetry, and speeches while observing the poet’s 143rd birth anniversary at the Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) on Tuesday. Iqbal’s ghazal “YA RAB DIL E MUSLIM KO” was a favorite among the students, with at least two groups singing the poem during the event.

Ariba Tirmzi, who hosted the ceremony, said Iqbal is among the few poets who wrote specifically for children. His work, some of which is also a part of the national curriculum, preaches virtues, such as helping others in need and humility, as well as providing lessons to safeguard against flattery, she said.

PNCA Deputy Director Shabana Ashraf said the event hoped to educate the new generation about the themes in Iqbal’s poetry, and “Iqbal’s message of self-reliance for the youth can help students in shaping their character and practical lives.”

Earlier, the National Puppet Theatre presented a show where the puppets danced to the musical composition of “Javed Kay Naam”, a poem Iqbal had written for his son. The students enjoyed and applauded the show, which was based on the children’s story about the boy who cried wolf.

In addition, students were also given a visual tour of Iqbal’s life, which included photographs of his house in Sialkot, his family tree, and his academic achievements.

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