February 25, 2021

CDA to hire a consultant for Project 10th Avenue

Capital Development Authority (CDA) has approved the hiring of a consultant for carrying out the expansion, rehabilitation, and up-gradation of IJ Principal Road. Instructions have been issued that advertisement regarding the hiring of services of the consultant should be released in the national dailies. The consultant will prepare the complete feasibility of rehabilitation work particularly focusing on traffic load. The plan includes the designing of rehabilitation of IJ Principal Road and its widening. Moreover, the consultant will also prepare the design of additional two-lane rigid pavement on both sides of the road while the need-based provision of culverts and improvements in existing culverts will be also prepared. The consultant will also prepare and propose consolidated designs of interchanges at intersections of IJ P Road at 9th avenue, 10th avenue, and 11th avenue. Preparation of drainage design will be also in the scope of work of the consultant. The nine-km-long 10th Avenue project will be completed under the Public Sector Development Programmed in 2020-21. A sum of Rs1 billion has been allocated by the Federal Government for the project. The consultant will be given six months to complete the job. The project will serve as an alternate route for the residents of I-10, I-11, and nearby areas.

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