February 25, 2021
CDA adds elegance by sampling flowers

CDA adds elegance by sampling flowers in Islamabad

During the current month, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has agreed to plat flowers in the city including rose, jasmine, sunflowers, and various mini-plants to increase the capital’s beauty and make it more enhanced. Capital Development Authority officials said on Thursday that the authority would place stalls at D Chowk and main roads will be built on the sides of Rawal Dam to encourage green culture, walking, cycling, and garnishing paths. At Rawal Dam, however, no stall or restaurant will be set up to keep up with its beauty. As per the info, the CDA aims to provide people with facilities to provide recreational facilities for the masses as well as to beautify the capital. In parks, green belts, playgrounds, side public areas, and main roads, thousands of rose plants and other flowers are being planted. Before the spring season, this project is expected to be finished. Preparation is underway and the process is going pretty quickly. In addition to this beatification drive, the CDA will also arrange an exhibition to promote the country’s culture. Under the theme of Heritage of Pakistan, this exhibition will be held at D Chowk. In addition, two new parks are being set up, one in sector F-10 and the other in sector F-11, to provide the masses with leisure facilities.

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