February 25, 2021
Capital Smart City Overseas Prime Block Map has been launched

Capital Smart City Overseas Prime Block Map has been launched

The Overseas Prime Block of Capital Smart City Islamabad is another block only for Overseas Pakistanis. Recently the map of Overseas Prime Block is launched, it is a good news for everyone especially for the people who are able to book their plots in Overseas Prime Block. The Overseas Prime Block’s elevation gives it a unique advantage of having the highest elevation in the country. The Overseas Prime Block is expected to be one of the most exclusive neighbourhood, according to the developers of Capital Smart City Islamabad. This block is built to be luxurious and completely elite. An exclusively planned and deployed group by a Singaporean urban planning and landscaping company Subrana Jurong, is dealing with the master plan of the Overseas Prime Block of the Capital Smart City Islamabad. On the main Chakri Road, with a wide front on the road, lies the Overseas Prime block. In the entire city, it is the best location. So, along with spectacular views of mountains and parks and golf courses, the investor can enjoy the complete panoramic view of the entire CSC. With all possible facilities, the group has its own entrance. Here are some of the key features of the Overseas

  • Eco-Friendly City)
  • Advanced Security
  • Green and Clean environment
  • Web of Metro Bus
  • Electricity from the underground
  • Electricity, gas and water 24/7
  • Smart apps such as traffic, electricity, weather
  • Hotels, shopping malls and clubs
  • Modern and intelligent housing
  • World Class Infrastructure
  • Overseas block
  • Parks, lakes, mosques
  • Golf course 18-hole.
  • Interchange designated from M-2
  • Near Islamabad and Rawalpindi

The living standards provided by residential societies in Pakistan have been redefined by the Overseas Prime Block. This joint venture between Habib Rafique Limited and Future Holdings Developments has formed a class of its own that is non-matched in Pakistan and ranks fourth on the Aisa continent.

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