"Capital Smart City: Another master piece from the Capital Smart City launched one of its kind innovative & futuristic development - One Capital Residence." " "Nova City Islamabad has announced Nova City World - Overseas Block for its valuable customers. This state-of-the-art complex will offer luxurious modern amenities. " "Smart City has signed a MoU with Surbana Jorung. This will boast the position of Silicon Valley. " " Surbana Jorung will also design Cultural Village and some other miscellaneous projects" "RUDN Enclave: Development work in RUDN Enclave is on full swing. FWO also started construction of proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road." "Lahore Smart City’s new partnership with Galeria Designs, Raees Fahim, and Faisal Rasul. The future looks bright for Signature Villas!" "Dr Daniel been assigned the task of designing One Capital Residences would surely give birth to an aesthetic giant amidst the twin cities." "Alhamdolillah, with the grace of almighty Allah 2xHybird Double Decker Busses reached safely at Capital Smart City." "Capital Smart City has taken a pivotal step towards water filtration. This the filtration plant of capacity 4.5 Million Gallons per Day (MGD)."
February 24, 2021

Capital Smart City Commercials are Coming Soon (CCC)

Contributing to the economy of the whole nation, Commercial hubs have been integrated into the plan of Capital Smart City. CSC introduces CCC (Capital Smart City, Commercial, Coming Soon) which will be an Exclusive and Economic Commercial Hub. Capital Smart City Islamabad (CSC) is an initiative of Future Developments Holdings (Pvt) Limited situated near Islamabad International Airport, on the eastern route of CPEC in view of the increasing housing demand in the twin cities. The project is proud of its sustainable solution, which is bound to revolutionize the face of Pakistan’s Real Estate Industry. Capital Smart City offers you an opportunity to experience the contemporary and modern living in every way possible. CCC (Capital Smart City, Commercial, Coming Soon) have been incorporated into the Capital Smart City strategy to add to the economy of the entire region. Catering to more than Capital Smart City’s resident retailers, traders in the surrounding areas will also have the potential to contribute to the economy while benefiting entirely from our Smart Trading Infrastructure. This initiative taken by Capital Smart City(CSC) is to give the potential buyers a chance to be able to become a part of the city.


One of the key advantages of Commercial Real Estate Investments is that properties are normally secured by leases that offer a source of daily income far greater than typical stock dividend yields. If you’re selecting a house or searching for a plot just across the street from a commercial districts, here are some of the best advantages of living in a commercial districts:

  • Higher availability of amenities
  • Quick access to other areas of the city
  • Excellent Investment-On-Return (ROI)
  • More opportunities for industry growth and employment


In Residential Real Estate, you can easily get the idea of past, current, and estimate the future worth of any building, plot or house by simply comparing it with buildings,plots or houses adjacent to it or located in a similar area. However, this is not the case in the Commercial Real Estate Sector. In the commercial sector, two buildings adjacent to each other can have a completely different market value, different pros and cons, and can carry different risks with them which are independent of each other. There are societies in Pakistan like Capital Smart City approved by RDA will be providing commercial Real Estate opportunities to the clients.


Here are some of the top secrets which can make your Commercial Investment in Pakistan a very successful one, if you take care of these aspects consciously.

  • The locality of your Investment should be topnotch. Investments that are not made in the premium or future premium locations usually suffer.
  • Rental income is a major aspect of any Commercial Investment. For managed commercial rentals such as malls and offices, do not get deceived by the guaranteed rental prospects.
  • It’s always good to have high-end tenants such as big corporates, retail brands, banks, and other multinationals. Such giants hardly ever default which means you can get a healthy and steady source of income.
  • Town planners these days plan commercial sectors in such a way that commercial activities develop. This includes low to high-end commercial activities, dedicated areas for malls plazas, and corporate offices.

Incorporation of CCC to Capital Smart City will increase its sales and will have a great impact on Real Estate Sector of Pakistan. Commercial Investment in Real Estate will upgrade your overall portfolio. Decision must be made after thorough analysis and market research. Patience is necessary while making a Commercial Real Estate Sector Investment.

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