February 23, 2021

Good News for Al-Noor clients as Sui Gas and Electricity is approved by LESCO & SNGPL

Al Noor Orchard – West Marina (Overseas Block) in here with a great news for its clients as they have unlocked new milestones by getting Sui Gas and Electricity approval from LESCO & SNGPL, unorder to make the life of people convenient and easy. Al-Noor Orchard Housing Scheme is working round the clock to provide you a peaceful, calm and happy life. AL Noor Orchard – West Marina (Overseas Block) is set in Lahore’s prime spot. Investing in West Marina (Overseas Block) will be beneficial as it is an affordable way to live your vision. Al-Noor Orchard Housing Scheme has been approved by LDA, so it’s the perfect way to build a house and make a stable investment and it also offers safe investment options. Al Noor Orchard – West Marina (Overseas Block)provides a better, safer future by providing a mean for investing in the right property at the right time.

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