February 25, 2021
1 BILL service is launched by CDA for payment

1 BILL service is launched by CDA for payment of dues

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has launched its 1BILL service, prompting Islamabad residents to pay bills via mobile and internet banking, including water charges, property taxes, etc. According to a press release issued by the CDA, residents of Islamabad are able to access this service using the One link banks internet services or by downloading their mobile apps. People will have to add ‘122001’ before adding the property tax customer number for the payment of property tax, and the customers will include ‘122002’ before the consumer number issued for the deposit of water bills. CDA Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed claimed that the 1BILL service would improve the transparency and effectiveness of CDA by encouraging Ease of Doing Business. The project is part of the CDA’s large-scale automation programme. It will also help to bring transparency as CDA will have a full record of deposited fees along with people ensuring transparency on both ends.

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